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One platform for the digital transformation of a company’s administrative processes that integrates management tools and automates the sending and signing of documents, the issuance and receipt of electronic invoices, and facilitates recurring payments

Electronic invoice

Account Receivables | Payments

Native integrations with other platforms such as FACe, FACeB2B as well as with other tax agencies that comply with EU Legal Standards such as: PEPPOL, eIDAS, SEPA, etc

We allow the integration of your systems with our platform in a digital, secure and easy way.

  • Purchase contracts
  • Contractor contracts
  • Continuation agreements
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Retention and fees
  • Merger agreements
  • Commercial contracts
  • Approval of documents
  • Purchase agreements
  • Transfer of data
  • New contracts
  • Sales proposals
  • Customer offers
  • Quotation of offers
  • Partnership agreements
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Model 145
  • Variations / modifications of contract of employment
  • Contract of employment
  • Document accrediting training
  • Layoffs (dismissals)
  • Basic copy of the contract
  • Prevention of Risks at Work (PRW)
  • Extensions

In line with our company’s international expansion efforts, we are proud to announce that we are members of the #EURINV project consortium, co-financed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) through its #CEFTelecom Calls.

The main objective of EURINV is to aid the participants to become conformant with the European Standard on Electronic Invoicing (Directive EU/2014/55).


It took 3 minutes to sign two contracts with the @docuten platform and now we don’t want to sign anything without using the OTP system or a digital certificate. Nothing. Ever. Get Docuten in your life

Bárbara Román
CEO NoLegalTech

“Working remotely is almost unthinkable in a company like ours, dedicated to the construction sector, with works spread throughout the entire national territory. However, thanks to Docuten and the implementation of the electronic invoice, we have been able to continue working, taking the appropriate preventive measures, with hardly any difficulties”.

Emilio Casal
Systems Director Lantania

“Docuten is a very exciting and ambitious company and here at the Department for International Trade we are thrilled they have chosen the UK to expand. We wish them all the best and will continue to support them throughout their journey!”

Jack Gorman
Investment Advisor in the British embassy in Madrid

With Docuten it was all very simple. The implementation was carried out by their team and a month and a half later it was working. In the end, it is to determine the people who have to lead the digital transformation project (of Docuten) and mark milestones.

Víctor Reyero
Serviocio's Financial and Human Resources Director

It has been all advantages. (…) Our product has been improved with the digitization tool.

Javier Castiñeira
Territorial Director of Nortempo in Galicia

For our stakeholders and clients, we have exponentially multiplied the levels of trust thanks to the presence of a trusted third party that validates the signature.

Lorena Suárez
HR Director of Grupo Caamaño

We did a demonstration, and the truth was it seemed a very reliable system, which responded to what we were looking for.

Ana Álvarez
COGAMI Human Resources Director
Diego López, CEO de Siguetuliga

It is a change that clubs that are our customers value very much, because they go from a traditional paper signature system, generation of remittances in online banking, all by hand and manual management, to directly let the club share a link, the parent fills it in from his mobile or from his computer and the process is done, he does not have any further administrative burden.

Diego López
CEO of Siguetuliga

We needed a reliable, customizable and trustworthy solution to the main asset of our organization: people who decide to take the step to donate to our cause. Besepa possesses these characteristics.

Fundación Civio Team
Fundación Civio

Blockchain Certification

Docuten already operates on blockchain, allowing you to audit the existence of documents and invoices, as well as track their lifecycle. Blockchain is a technology that increases the security guarantees, traceability and legality.

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