Management of recurring debits and accounts receivables

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Manage your direct debits and mandates in an easier way.

We offer you, through our Besepa platform, a technological layer that simplifies the management of

recurring company accounts receivables companies and the relationship with banks.

Saves management time

More information about what banks offer

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Automating Recurring accounts receivables

Ease of bank reconciliation

SEPA Mandate Management

For the management of recurring accounts receivables, it is necessary to sign a SEPA mandate. From our platform you will be able to generate the mandate for CORE or B2B schemes, according to your needs, as well as manage the signature through Docuten.

We store and safeguard mandates and follow their lifecycle to make sure you use it correctly.

Customer registration

Besepa acts as a connector between the client and the banks. It facilitates the management of recurring accounts receivables  and prevents customers from working with different entities. Payment can be made by card or debit:


To charge by card, prior storage is required. This is saved and operated with a token that encrypts bank information (tokenization),

making it a safer process. The token is independent and stored outside the POS, so you can work with different banks from the same platform (Besepa).


Besepa allows more validations on the account before signing the mandate. These validations include from the verification of the IBAN to the analysis of the bank account of the client (being able to know, even, if an account has been canceled). After these validations, Besepa offers the signing of the mandate digitally, facilitating the process.


On the platform you can perform various actions, from sending remittances to managing periodic charges to your clients:

Recurrent accounts receivables

Easy management of direct debit and modification of conditions (change of bank, change of payment method, etc.)

Collection and signature of the mandate digitally

Internal and automated management of rejections and returns (…)


Besepa guarantees simplification when creating collection of accounts receivable and adapting remittances to deadlines mandated

by the SEPA rules and the different clearing houses, depending on the type of debit. Besepa will always take into account the delays caused by certain banks when issuing the payment, avoiding delays and imbalances.


In addition, it offers the possibility to send an advance notification (sending email, invoice, etc.) to inform our recipient of the future realization of a collection of a accounts receivable (mandatory and sending for debits and B2B charges).


The goal of any company that makes recurring collections of accounts receivables is to try to secure future collections. Therefore, in addition to providing the specific information of

the origin or reason for the default, we try to find a solution that will facilitate future collections.

With Besepa the control of errors and incidents is done in a systematic and simple way, providing the client with relevant information.

Incident management

We try to find operational solutions for debt recovery.

  • Notifications to both the customer and the debit recipient
  • Reattempt to collect account receivables
  • Payment Options


In the world of payments there are two parts: on the one hand, the technological part, and on the other, the banking part. These are usually independent processes, which makes conciliation difficult.

Besepa facilitates the cohesion of both parties, resulting in a single simple process. While we are normally given the final amount of a remittance without providing detailed information, with our platform you will be able to find out the details of your transactions:

· Date of a specific return

· What a specific amount corresponds to


 Integration and API

We integrate with the applications you use the most. In addition, we have APIs to integrate with your systems.

File integration

· For large volumes of records.

· Validation of data before loading.

· Adaptable input formats for minimal integration.

XML Generator

· JSON API for generating SEPA files.

· Support for SEPA Debits (SDD), SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT) and Financed Remittances (Rule58).

· Optional account number validation.

API of bank details

· Validation of bank accounts.

· Conversion from CCC to IBAN.

· Information from bank branches.


Our clients experience

“We needed a reliable, customizable and trustworthy solution to the main asset of our organization: people who decide to take the step to donate to our cause. Besepa possesses these characteristics”

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Streamline procedures, automate your recurring collection of accounts receivables and optimise your time with Docuten’s Besepa collections solution.

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