Blockchain Certification

Blockchain is a technology that provides full guarantees of security, warranty and legality.

Docuten already operates on blockchain, allowing you to audit the existence of documents and invoices, as well as track their lifecycle.

Security. Transparent and publicly auditable system.

International guarantee. Self-executing law and supranational jurisprudence.

Legislative compliance. Under the umbrella of a national and European legal framework.

Docuten Smart Contracts

Docuten Smart Contracts have been deployed on Telsius since the beginning of 2019, guaranteeing the persistence, immutability and traceability of certified data. Our smart contracts use the latest design standards and security measures to protect published data from manipulation by third parties.

What is a smart contract?

Smart Contracts are self-executing contracts that are verified by the distributed network, without the need for a trusted Third Party to ensure their validity or compliance. In the case of our digital signature solutions, the incorporation of Smart Contracts allows us to offer a transparent and publicly auditable process without compromising the privacy of the signatory.

“Our main objective with this project was to provide a service that would serve as a distributed notary for our digital signature and electronic invoicing operations and that would meet the needs of our customers. We did it!"

Diego González

Blockchain Expert at Docuten


If you want more information and details about Blockchain Technology, you can access all our videos.

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