As we told you in previous blog posts , PEPPOL is an electronic distribution network that facilitates the standardization of the transport of electronic invoices in both the public and private sectors . Although this network is conceived for use at a European level , its potential allows to open borders to other countries. In this case, it was Asia’s turn to become the first PEPPOL Authority on this continent and the first outside the European Union.

Singapore announced that it will adopt the PEPPOL standards through an agreement signed on May 21st between the Media Development Authority ( IMDA ), on behalf of the Government of Singapore and OpenPEPPOL. The main objective is to offer companies a global standard that allows them to enter an increasingly digital and interconnected market, according to Tan Kiat How, Executive Director of IMDA.

“By adopting PEPPOL as a national e-invoicing standard, IMDA is helping companies in Singapore to benefit from digitization and better position themselves to connect to the international market,” says the CEO.

The already proven potential interest between the providers of services of Singapore and the suppliers of European services with presence in that country, prioritizes the qualification of the electronic invoicing. As the PEPPOL Authority, IMDA will establish national rules by creating its own invoicing framework. It will also certify its own points of access to operate both with public administrations and with private companies.

The Secretary General of OpenPEPPOL , André Hoddevik , believes in the potential of Singapore as a reference for the incorporation of the PEPPOL network in more countries, with the aim of creating a globalization of processes worldwide as they support electronic invoicing in other markets outside the European Union. This will facilitate the adoption of international models and increase interoperability among companies.

Docuten is a Certified PEPPOL Access Point , that is, it provides certified PEPPOL services . This means that through this platform, you will be able to send electronic invoices through our platform, connecting with the PEPPOL network in a simple and efficient way.

In addition, thanks to the certification PEPPOL, Docuten ensures compliance with the EU directive 2014/55 on electronic invoicing in public procurement, and the compatibility with the new European standard EN 16931, that will be of required compliance, at all levels in the public administrations of the member states, as of march of 2019.

If you need to know more about the solutions that Docuten offers, do not hesitate to send us a contact request and we will call you as soon as possible.

Andrea Fernández
Andrea Fernández
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