One of the main advantages of blockchain technology is the increase in security it provides internationally, due to its distributed nature and the fact that it can be publicly audited.

A hash is a fingerprint that helps us identify the content of a file in a simple sequence of characters.

Regardless of the size of a file its hash will always have a certain length, which allows you to publish a unique identifier, or, an alphanumeric sequence that represents the content of the file. This is a fingerprint that identifies all of the file’s content in a simple line of text without needing a lot of disk space or having to publish confidential information associated with the content of the file.

When we talk about smart contracts, we are generally referring to computer programs that guarantee the enforcement of an agreement between two or more parties. Initially, the concept was used to designate formal descriptions lacking semantic ambiguity that could act as guarantor of an agreement without the need for a third party.

Docuten’s smart contracts operate on the Alastria Telsius network.

At Docuten, our blockchain solutions for digital signature and electronic invoicing are available for companies that need extra security in the management of documents.

When we talk about blockchain technologies, we are referring to a set of software solutions and a series of networks that share a decentralized structure and a common protocol. These technologies allow encrypted information to remain in transactions grouped into data structures called blocks, that get chained together as the nodes verify the transactions.