Digitalisation in HR: manage documents better with digital signature

Human Resources departments are famous for high volumes of paperwork. Historically, HR teams have had to spend the majority of their time manually preparing and overseeing countless documents related to people management. This has meant slowed procedures and business delays when it comes to getting paperwork signed. These obstacles could easily be avoided, however, by focusing on digitalisation in HR: transitioning to digital processes and eliminating paper. 

Benefits to digitalisation

⌛ Save time
🏦 Cost effective
📈 Improve productivity
📑 Increase document control
👩‍💻 Minimise human error
🌎 Reduce environmental impact

Human resources management software isn’t the only way to streamline operations. Relying on electronic signature solutions to transform your paper transactions will make HR administrative processes infinitely more efficient. Digitalising HR signature flows enables the department to get all types of labor documentation signed quickly and easily like employment contracts, extensions and modifications, leaves of absence or redundancies, occupational risk prevention documents, training certifications, etc. 

Once your team is able to do away with tedious administrative work they will be able to dedicate their time to value-added tasks that grow your business. Using document signing solutions also helps staff avoid errors that slow down their workflow. 

Common use cases for digital signature in HR

Handing the paperwork involved with hiring and onboarding new employees is especially difficult when team members are in different locations. Instead of wasting time having to get labor documentation signed in person, your team will be relieved by how easy and efficient it is to sign documents electronically. New hires will also be impressed that there were no delays in the hiring process. 

At Docuten, we have found that digital signature is most commonly used in HR departments to sign employment contracts and addendums, form 145s (income tax declarations), salary updates, contract extensions or cancellations, etc. 

Many HR departments also rely heavily on templates to send recurring documentation that has to be filled out (in some or all fields) by one of the signatories. Our templates offer an extensive setup of fields and validations that help your team gather the information you need before launching the signature process. Generally, these documents are signed in Docuten:

  • By the company, using its certificate issued by the Royal Mint of Spain (Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre – FNMT). It is uploaded to Docuten and facilitates an automatic signature. Meaning, it executes automatically without the participation of a physical person at the time of signing. Documents can then be sent enmasse by uploading a secure verification code (CSV) file with your employees’ details (for example, for form 145s or  remote work policies).
  • By the worker, using a one time password (OTP). Notification of the document pending signature can be received by email or by message. Docuten’s signature with OTP is a digital signature executed by sending a single-use code via SMS or email (depending on the information and preferences defined by the user) to the signatory. This type of signature is certified on the server, and the identity of the signatory is confirmed through the code required to sign. It is especially useful for companies with employees in different geographic locations.
  • By the worker, using a biometric signature. A biometric signature allows you to sign documents in a similar way to the handwritten signature, on any mobile device (tablet, smartphone) with full legal validity. If an employee prefers not to provide his or her email or phone number, for example, he or she can sign documents using a biometric signature at the time of signing. 

The platform also enables you to manage your company’s users and assign different roles for signature processes. Different company heads can easily access, review and sign documents from the comfort of their office, regardless of where they are located. Using electronic signature and automating the process saves time and makes it easier to get HR documents approved or signed by the appropriate people.

How Docuten can help 

While digitally transforming document signing processes can clearly help HR departments operate more smoothly, it is crucial to choose the right digital signing service. 

At Docuten, we have a number of digital signing solutions that enable HR departments to digitally transform administrative processes. As discussed above, a frequently relied on choice is our signature with OTP, one of our advanced electronic signature options that allow you to sign documents online.  An advanced electronic signature is fully compliant with the European eIDAS Regulation. This type of signature is uniquely linked to and capable of identifying the signatory, it is created using electronic signature creation data that the signatory controls, and it is linked to the signed data in such a way that any changes made can be detected. This ensures complete security and legal compliance. 

We also offer a qualified electronic signature. This signature type relies on an electronic signature certificate, which is an electronic document that links the validation data of a signature with a natural or legal person. The qualified electronic signature complies with the provisions of the eIDAS Regulation and offers the highest level of assurance. It is the legal equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Easy integration

Since streamlined integration is one of the most important things for our clients, it’s important to note that Docuten’s digital signature solutions can be integrated with any ERP. In order to make the integration between Docuten and company ERPs as smooth as possible, we have developed specific connectors for SAP and MS Dynamics, along with other leading ERPs. If you aren’t currently using a specific digital signature module in your company’s ERP or CRM, however, Docuten’s APIs can always be used to carry out this integration. We give you the tools and support you need to make integration simple and straightforward.

Download our Whitepaper on Digital Signature for HR

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  • Types of digital signatures and their legality 
  • Use cases for HR
  • Advantages of using a digital signature

Or, feel free to get in contact with our team. We’d be happy to discuss the benefits of digital signature and other types of human resources software for your company.

Mónica Fustes
Mónica Fustes