Docuten Bundle Cloud: an EU e-invoicing solution
Docuten is listed as a European Union e-invoicing conformant solution. With our service, companies can send and receive e-invoices compliant with the European standard on e-invoicing.

It’s no secret that digitally transforming administrative processes boosts productivity and improves business efficiency. As digitalising internal operations has become more widespread, electronic invoicing has become increasingly essential for many companies.

Similar to digital signature, use of electronic invoicing has skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic. Having the ability to pay bills and receive payments via e-invoicing speeds up the process and improves cash flow—a crucial consideration for many businesses over the past year.

In the European Union, the Digital Agenda for Europe positions e-invoicing as “a driving force and facilitator of internal relations in the common market and of the competitiveness of companies in the Eurozone.”

While electronic invoicing is present in all Member States, e-invoicing is used obligatorily in an estimated 80% of EU countries according to recent reports. Cross-border initiatives like PEPPOL work to improve interoperability between different e-invoicing formats internationally, making it easier and more practical for companies to adopt electronic invoicing solutions.

eu e-invoicing
Our participation in the EURINV project enabled us to transform our platform into a fully operational solution compliant with European standards. 
As a result, Docuten is now listed as an EU e-invoicing conformant solution by CEF Digital, run by the EU Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA). The CEF is dedicated to advancing European infrastructure in different areas, including digital projects, to contribute to greater connectivity between EU Member States.

Last year, we passed the conformance testing according to specified guidelines. Using the CEF e-invoicing conformance testing services allowed us to check the compliance of Docuten against the syntaxes used by the European Standard: ISO/IEC 19845:2015 (UBL 2.1) or UN/CEFACT CII. Interoperability Tests were carried out to demonstrate that the implementation of Docuten’s electronic invoicing solution is fully operational. 

The EURINV project highlighted the importance of supporting European standards as a priority for us, and has served as an initial step towards extending our international client base in order to operate at a supranational level. Apart from adding substantial value for future Docuten users, being an EU e-invoicing conformant solution can strengthen the potential of our current clients by enabling access to a common European market.

Lower costs

Normally, handling billing is extremely time consuming. Your team has to process incoming invoices, check for errors, prepare and send outgoing invoices, and actively follow up. This requires a large investment in time and money spent.

By implementing electronic invoicing, your employees no longer have to waste their time on tedious administrative tasks and can turn their attention to value added work. This improves the overall efficiency and productivity of your team.  Invoice automation also saves your company money on:

  • Paper + ink
  • Mail services
  • Storage + filing space

Plus, using less paper is a no-brainer: it’s better for the environment and better for the CSR of your company.

Reduce errors

Entering data manually can produce numerous errors when preparing invoices, but electronic invoicing greatly reduces mistakes. Docuten highlights any oversights made when filling out invoices before they are issued. Additionally, when an invoice arrives to the Docuten platform, we verify that everything is in order, ensure that there are no human errors and we confirm that the invoice contains the necessary information for your team. If something is not correct, Docuten will notify the vendor directly, which saves you time and money when managing invoices.

We offer various channels to receive invoices including the Spanish Government’s FACe B2B channel, PEPPOL, our vendor portal, or even as a pdf attached to an email through OCR invoice processing.

Information in real time

Staying up to date on the status of sent and received invoices is another benefit to electronic invoicing, especially when thinking about your relationship with vendors. On the Docuten platform, you’ll be able to quickly search for any invoice and learn its status in seconds, without having to invest a lot of time or energy. You can control who can access invoices and who can update their status.

You’re also able to:

  • Access any documentation attached to an invoice when you review it
  • Sign invoices automatically, once everything is correct
  • Indicate why an invoice was approved or rejected
  • Integrate invoices with your ERP software

Security and control

Docuten is completely secure, and in compliance with the strictest security regulations and protocols at the national and international level. Plus, invoices are safeguarded and stored for the established time period (a minimum of 5 years by law in Spain). All of your company’s invoices will remain accessible on the platform, and your team will be able to quickly and easily locate particular invoices when necessary. You can validate, download or print them whenever you like.

Legal validity

Another major benefit to e-invoicing is that electronic invoices have the same legal validity as invoices received on paper. What’s more, since your invoices must be signed, with Docuten you won’t need your own qualified certificate. The platform itself allows you to sign invoices in a delegated manner with a non-qualified certificate issued by Docuten. Simplify the billing process and reduce the probability that the document can be altered or falsified.

Want to learn more about the benefits to e-invoicing? Contact Docuten today.