Docuten facilitates Elche CF’s digitalisation efforts with sustainability as the focus

From left to right: Koh Onozawa, Head of Strategy and Global Partnerships at Docuten, Patricia Rodríguez, Director-General of Elche CF and Vice President of LaLiga, and Diego Baeza, President of Real Avilés CF and Partner of Docuten Sports.

Elche CF, an ambitious First Division soccer club founded in 1922, begins the process of digitalisation with Docuten.

At the heart of its decision to digitise was the Alicante football club’s mission to implement sustainable processes by eliminating paper and reducing emissions when sending documents. These changes will decrease the club’s carbon footprint, making it a more sustainable organisation and fulfilling one of its main business objectives.

Environmentally friendly

Considering the volume of documentation the club uses (around 7000 pages per year), with our digitalisation solution, Elche CF could prevent 4.62 kg of CO2 emissions, 64 kg of trees getting cut down, and 70,000 litres of water wasted in paper manufacturing each year. The environmental costs of sending documents by standard mail, which means additional emissions from transport, will also be decreased. These reductions reflect the ways in which digitising administrative processes can directly benefit the environment.

Going forward, Elche will sign its commercial and employment contracts using Docuten’s digital signature solutions. The club will also automate the process of receiving e-invoices from vendors. “This agreement with a company like Docuten will allow Elche CF to continue ascending and moving towards the type of club it aspires to be: one that invests in a renewed vision and is concerned about environmental sustainability,” asserts Patricia Rodríguez, Director-General of the club.

Docuten also counts other professional football clubs, like SD Huesca and Real Avilés CF, as clients. The addition of another professional team to its client base makes Docuten an industry-leader in the digitalisation of sports clubs. Brais Méndez, CEO of Docuten, affirms that the sports industry has “much room for improvement with regard to administrative processes and catching up with other industries,” adding that “Docuten has the necessary experience to help sports organisations meet this challenge.”

Mónica Fustes
Mónica Fustes