FACeB2B: the service that is already available will extend the use of electronic invoicing in Spain
  • The Ministry of Finance and Public services launched on June 30th FACeB2B, A platform that stands as a General Point of Entry for Electronic Invoices between companies.
  • With Docuten, you will be able to manage the flows of emission and reception of invoices to FACeB2B.

Under the law on contracts 9/2017, the Ministry of finance and public services launched on June 30th, the FACeB2B platform. This platform is established as a General entry point for electronic invoices.

Its launch will allow, on the one hand, to comply with the mandatory use of electronic invoicing in relations between subcontractors and main contractors of the Public Administration (provided that the amount exceeds 5,000 euros) and, in addition, favours and encourages the use of the electronic invoice between companies, acting as a HUB for the distribution of invoices.

There are several technical specifications, which must be met. The main features of FACeB2B, extension of FACe with several significant differences, are the following:

  • It is not possible to send, receive or manage the state of the invoices through the FACeB2B portal itself. This must be done through web services, such as the one we offer at Docuten.
  • Compulsory registration is mandatory in the Directory of Entities – DIRe. The link through which you can register is the following http://dire.gob.es. At the time of registration, the conditions of the service must be signed through the MiniApplet of Autofirma (http://firmaelectronica.gob.es/Home/Descargas.html) with the same certificate with which you have identified yourself on the portal.
  • To be able to make an association between the client and the invoicing services company (ESF) both entities must be registered in the aforementioned Directory. The client, giving the authorization to an ESF, will initiate this association.
  • The FACeB2B platform has the TEST environment to perform integration testing.
  • Electronic invoice format supported by the FACeB2B platform is Facturae, versions 3.2., 3.2.1 and 3.2.2.
  • The generation of an invoice by a client to be presented in the FACeB2B platform, in the case of not having the necessary software, it will be done by an invoicing services company.
  • The cancellation of an invoice can be requested as long as the state in which it is found is not “paid” or “rejected”.

Docuten’s solution of

Establishing itself as a provider of electronic services, with Docuten you can manage these flows of issuance and receipt of invoices to FACeB2B with a safe, legal, and easy to use solution. A platform that allows you to send from an integrated and automated system, complying with the requirements and technical specifications defined for the FACeB2B platform. The years of experience and the clients who already trust us, endorse us.

∴ Additional information: Docuten registered on the FACeB2B, as an invoicing Service company.

Mónica Fustes
Mónica Fustes