What the future of e-Invoicing market in the United States looks like

The e-invoicing industry has expanded its horizons within the last few years. Specifically, in the United States, more than 250 e-invoice service providers operate in the region working with 15 different electronic invoicing standards.

Because of the interoperability between the syntax, order or subset of these standards, the electronic invoicing industry has become a complex and inefficient industry, which has led to the creation of a group in charge of stating the pillars for the new e-invoice technical standard.

The process will start by analyzing the existing standards, followed by the conclusions obtained regarding what it is needed in order to establish an efficient new procedure.

You can find all about the foundation of these upcoming changes for the e-invoicing market in the United States in the “Catalog of Electronic Invoice Technical Standards” written by the United States e-invoicing workgroup.

Andrea Fernández
Andrea Fernández
Técnico de Marketing / El marketing es un compromiso, no una campaña