Among its digital signature services, Docuten allows you to use a centralized signature .

What is the centralized signature?

Centralized signing is the centralized management of electronic certificates used in an organization, so that these certificates operate from a single, controlled and secure repository.

This implies that electronic certificates are generated and stored on the server, which allows them to be used from any computer or mobile device.

Is centralized signature legal?

Yes, since with the entry into force of the European Regulation (Nº910/2014) on Electronic Signature (eIDAS) the centralization of keys is allowed.

The security of the processes is guaranteed since the certificate remains under the custody of the signer, because it can only be accessed with the password with which it has been encrypted.

At the time of signing, a one-time message is sent to mobile (OTP), which must be indicated to complete the signature.

What are the advantages of the centralized signature?

Thanks to the centralization of keys you get a number of advantages:

  • Device independence : users will always have access to electronic certificates regardless of the computer or mobile device they use.
  • Centralized permission Control: You Can Limit the number of certificates that a user has access to, and on which pages or services they can act.
  • Monitoring and traceability: Centralization of keys  allows you to perform time and location control and second-factor authentication. It also provides a record of all transactions performed with electronic certificates in an organization.
  • Less loss: Certificate losses are avoided by not Being stored on the user’s computer.
  • Revocation, expiry and destruction: as the certificates are centralized, the management of these issues is in the hands of the organization.

Centralized Signature types

With centralized signing, both qualified and unqualified certificates can be used:

  • Qualified certificates , issued by a Qualified Certification Authority. In this case, the signature will be a qualified signature.
  • Non qualified Certificates, issued by the electronic signature platform. In this case, the electronic signature will be an advanced electronic signature.

With Docuten It is possible to use these two centralized signature formats, but to be able to use qualified certificates it is necessary to contract the Enterprise service (Contact us and we will clarify any doubts about this plan)