Sign commercial contracts more securely

Need a solution for how to sign a contract online? Get client and vendor contracts signed quickly and easily with any of our different digital signature options. This includes the qualified electronic signature, which holds the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.


Faster and easier remote transactions

Whatever your digital signature needs, we have a solution that’s adapted to you.


Have to sign contracts with vendors remotely?

Docuten enables you to get contracts signed in a fully secure way when signing with a qualified certificate. This can be done quickly and remotely with a qualified certificate issued by a qualified certification authority.




Have to sign contracts with long-distance clients?

Get client contracts signed stress free using our signature with OTP. Your clients can sign from anywhere in a matter of minutes.


Have to sign client contracts in person? 

Docuten enables you to sign contracts on site using a mobile device, like a tablet, with our biometric signature. Your client signs on the device as if it were paper.


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 Signature specialists

At Docuten we specialise in various signature solutions, and will help you choose the best option for your company when figuring out how to sign a contract online.


Qualified signature


Advanced signature 

Qualified electronic signature

We enable you to sign with a qualified certificate, which provides the highest degree of legal security and authenticity of signature. It is especially useful for contracts between prominent, industry-leading companies.

What is a qualified signature?

Advanced electronic signature 

When looking for a solution to how to sign a contract online, we offer both biometric signatures and signatures with OTP. Biometric signatures allow you to sign in person on a tablet or mobile phone, but can also be used to sign remotely.  Signatures with OTP are easy to use when signing remotely.

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Blockchain Certified 

With Docuten, you can back your documents on the blockchain and bolster the traceability of invoices and communications from vendors and clients.


“In many cases, with paper processes, risks are assumed that initially appear to be advantages, but which reflect operations that are not traceable and therefore lack control. The trajectory of a company that digitally signs in a certified way all its outgoing offers and increasingly all employee documents and internal documents, is valued by both vendors and clients. Docuten’s solution is simple, scalable and meets identified needs”.

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