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Sign your business contracts with Docuten’s qualified certificate signing solution.

A qualified signature is presumed to have legal validity and is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature.

Achieve the highest level of security for the signing of your contracts.

Improve your efficiency. Automate the entire signature flow.

Enhance your reputation. Promote the corporate social responsibility of your company.

Security and legality. We comply with the European eIDAS Regulation.

Manage your documents and access them whenever you want.

Sign your documents from any mobile device or computer.

What types of signatures do we have at Docuten?

At Docuten we provide all the types of legal signatures listed in the eIDAS regulation, from simple signature to qualified signature. However, we consider that each project requires a specific type of signature based on usability and security needs.

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What type of signature do I have to use?

Our recommendation when choosing the type of signature to perform is to apply the principle of proportionality. It is necessary to determine whether usability prevails over greater security guarantees, and vice versa. We are experts in digital signature and we will advise you to define which type of signature is best suited to your needs.

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Qualified signature

Qualified signature is one that is performed with a certificate of qualified electronic signature. This is the type of signature that has the highest levels of legal and security guarantees in accordance with the European eIDAS signature regulation.

Qualified signature on site

A qualified signature on site is considered to be one made with a qualified electronic certificate housed in the signatory’s own equipment.

Qualified signature in the cloud

  • The new European signature regulation includes the possibility of generating and safeguarding qualified certificates in the cloud, using obligatorily HSMs, a qualified signature creation device.

  • The fact that this certificate is in the cloud and, therefore, duly guarded, prevents anyone, except the holder, from making use of it.

  • Possibility to perform qualified signature from any device and location.


At Docuten we provide all the types of legal signatures listed in the eIDAS regulation. If you would like more information about the different types, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Blockchain Certification

With the aim of increasing even more the control over the evidences and the security of the signature of your business contracts with the possibility to certify them on blockchain.

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Integrate your systems

Integrate the electronic signature system within your company’s systems with the Enterprise plan. In Docuten we have APIs that allow us to connect our digital signature services with any business software.

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Legality about electronic signature

Víctor Salgado, Socio del Bufete Pintos&Salgado Abogados

The electronic signature gives us traceability and documentary integrity. It not only identifies the person who is signing a document but also whether there has been any alteration to that document, when it was signed, etc. In other words, it provides us with irrefutable evidence to put an end to documentary falsification.

Víctor Salgado

Partner of the Legal Firm Pintos & Salgado Abogados

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