Digital Signature and Electronic Invoicing for the Renting sector

Digitization of processes in the Renting sector

With Docuten, invoices received from your suppliers will be automatically processed while your employees are dedicated to generating value for the company. Issue your invoices to public administration clients through a simple and intuitive platform.

Forget about signing in person and have the documentation available at any time and from any place.


Estrella Galicia


savings per 1,000 digitally signed documents


savings using electronic invoicing versus traditional


kgs of wood saved for every 1,000 digitally signed documents

Speed up vehicle or machine hire

Digitally sign all the documentation related to the hiring of the vehicle or machine, from the rental or leasing contract to the insurance during the rental, quickly, easily and without paperwork. In a matter of minutes and without the need to sign in person.

Both your sales representatives and your clients will be able to access the documentation at any time if they need it.

Issue and receive your invoices automatically and unified

Combine the way you receive invoices from your suppliers through the integration of our API with your ERP.

Receive invoices through any of our solutions: OCR, supplier portal, FACeB2B and Peppol.

In addition, issue your invoices to public administration clients through a simple and intuitive platform, in the format you need.

Access documentation anytime, anywhere

Not only will you be able to sign everything related to the hiring of your clients, but also all the work documentation of your workers, or related to the maintenance of the vehicles or machines.

Keep all documents at your fingertips, centrally and in an orderly manner. You can access them from any device and anytime, anywhere.

HAE Association

Docuten is part of the Hire Association Europe (HAE), an industry-leading trade association for the rental of plants, tools and equipment, which currently has more than 800 members.

HAE Hire Association Europe

Use Cases

  • Signing of the renting or leasing contract
  • Contracting insurance during rental period
  • Signature of the delivery of the vehicle or machine
  • Vehicle or machine maintenance documentation
  • Signing of work-related documentation
  • Receiving suppliers’ invoices

Our clients experience

“For our stakeholders and clients, we have exponentially multiplied the levels of trust thanks to the presence of a trusted third party that validates the signature.”

Lorena Suárez

HR Director of Grupo Caamaño

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