Digital Signature for the Fashion and Textile sector

Digitization for the Fashion Retail sector

With Docuten you will be able to make hiring and labor management processes more efficient, automate the receipt of invoices with your suppliers and much more.

Docuten is a platform tailored to your needs. We adapt to your needs and offer you the best solution.


savings per 1,000 digitally signed documents


savings using electronic invoicing versus traditional


kgs of wood saved for every 1,000 digitally signed documents

Optimize time and save money

Improve and increase the efficiency of your company’s administrative processes with a tool that facilitates the management, organization and sending of documents, such as labor or commercial contracts, and invoices from your suppliers.

Eliminate the costs associated with printing and sending documents and optimize the time of your workers, who can spend their time creating value in the company.

Employ a secure and legal solution

Our solutions comply with international regulations and standards:

In Docuten we have all types of legal signatures listed in the eIDAS regulation.

We connect with FaceB2b and PEPPOL. You will be able to receive invoices from your suppliers through these channels.

We offer the certification of documents in Blockchain networks for when you need extra security.

Make your business a more sustainable place

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint and improve your RSC by digitizing the full cycle of business documents.

Signing documents and sending or receiving invoices digitally allows to significantly reduce the use of paper, contributing to the reduction of deforestation.

A sustainability plan begins from the company’s internal procedures.

Use Cases

  • HR Signature
  • Signing of commercial contracts
  • Signing contracts with suppliers
  • Loyalty Card Signing
  • Debit Card registration for customers
  • Receiving invoices with suppliers

Our clients experience

“For our stakeholders and clients, we have exponentially multiplied the levels of trust thanks to the presence of a trusted third party that validates the signature.”

Lorena Suárez

HR Director of Grupo Caamaño

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