Digital Signature for Human Resources

Advantages of using Docuten

Sign work documentation at any time and place

Automate your documentation and tasks saving time

All work documentation accessible and in order

Save on printing and storage costs

Increase legal coverage of your recruitment processes

Have the guarantee of a trusted third party

Integrate the digital signature system within your company’s systems

Improve your ecological footprint by reducing paper usage

With Docuten you will be able to make your HR department more efficient thanks to the automation and digitization of recruitment and labor management processes.


What can you do with Docuten in your Human Resources department?

Find out more about digital signature:

  • Types of signature
  • Legality
  • Use cases in the Department of Human Resources
  • Advantages
  • How much can you save

Download our Whitepaper on electronic signature in the HR department now and start the process of digitizing your company.

A safe and legal solution

We offer digital signature solutions that comply with the European Regulation (Nº910/2014) on Electronic Signature, eIDAS, as well as other international digital signature regulations. Sign in a safe and valid way at national and international level.

Our clients experience

“For our stakeholders and clients, we have exponentially
multiplied the levels of trust thanks to the presence
of a trusted third party that validates the signature”

Lorena Suárez
HR Director of Grupo Caamaño

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