Sign your documents digitally

From any device and with full legal validity

Sign your documents from any mobile device or computer.

Full legal guarantees at national and international level.

Manage your documents and access them whenever you want

The platform makes the signing mechanism an easy and transparent process.

Integrate the electronic signature system within your company’s systems with the Enterprise plan

Improve your efficiency

Streamline the document signing process and eliminate unnecessary intermediate steps.

  • Manage, sign, send and control the signing status of your documents through a single platform.
  • Sends the document to be signed to all recipients in a single step.
  • Controls the status of the signature and its history through the platform.


Digitally sign from any computer, mobile or tablet.

  • Sign on any mobile device using the biometric signature.
  • Firma desde cualquier ordenador a partir de tu login.

A safe and legal solution

Legal validity

  • We offer digital signature solutions that comply with the European Regulation (Nº910/2014) on Electronic Signature, eIDAS, as well as other international digital signature regulations.
  • Sign in a safe and valid way at national and international level.


  • The platform allows validation of revocation status and queries the certificate expiration.
  • Signed documents that are printed will include a secure electronic verification code and a QR code.
  • Individual identification from user and password.
  • The biometric signature will include the biometric information stored in addition to the device from which the signature was made, geo-location and time stamp.

Centralized signature

Docuten allows you to use centralized signature.

With the entry into force of the European Regulation (Nº910/2014) on Electronic Signature (eIDAS), centralization of keys is allowed, electronic certificates are stored on the server and can be used from any computer or mobile device.

In this way, all certificates issued by the company to employees are centralized, simplifying the signature processes and improving traceability.

The certificate is stored on the server, and to sign on the computer or mobile device it is not necessary to execute any other components.

The security of the processes is guaranteed since the certificate remains under the custody of the signer, because it can only be accessed with the password with which it has been encrypted.

At the time of signing, a one-time message (OTP) is sent to a mobile phone or email, which must be indicated to complete the signature.

More information about centralized signing.

Electronic Certificates

Local signature with qualified (recognized) electronic certificates that will allow you to reach the highest level of signature, the qualified (recognized) signature.

Electronic certificates can be generated using:

  • Cryptographic card.
  • Software.
  • USB token.

Local Signature solution is compatible with all the operating systems and browsers, and that has been implemented through Java Web Start (replacing the old applets).

Centralized Management

The platform allows carrying out a centralized management of all the configurations through the Web:

  • Configuration of the Certification Authorities to be used and their Subordinate Authorities.
  • Configure certificate revocation validation methods (CRL, OCSP, LDAP).
  • Configuring Time Stamping Authorities to be used.
  • Centralized management of keys and certificates, so applications can remotely use different transparent storing systems.
  • Management of authorized applications on the platform and their data connection.
  • Definition of signing policies.
  • Consult all the activities carried out on the platform, and be able to make searches.
  • Configuring the mail servers to use and editing the templates of the emails that are sent from the platform.

Signature with OTP

Advanced signature. This signature level allows us to identify the signatory through a one-time message (OTP) to a mobile phone or email. In addition, according to current electronic signature legislation, this type of signature corresponds to the advanced signature level.

Certificate Validation

The platform allows the validation of the certificate revocation status, both for identification and signature processes, by:

  • Access to revoked lists (CRLs).
  • Validation using OCSP.
  • LDAP query of revoked certificates.

In addition, the platform allows the consultation of the expiry of the certificates.




Our Enterprise service will allow you to have a platform tailored to your specific needs. 

The platform can be customized with the image of the customer, facilitating the recognition of your brand:

  • Customize the platform with your image.
  • Generate PDFs that include customization with your brand.
  • View your personalized electronic invoices.

In addition to adapting the platform to the image of the organization, customization offers the integration of your company to the system, adapting the functionalities to your needs and requirements.


If verification of an electronic certificate has been performed years after the digital signature was made, information about the revocation status of the certificate that was used to sign the electronic invoice in the first place may not be accessible.

The solution is to work with old signatures (Xades-a, Pades-a) we must add the information to the signature itself with the revocation status of the certificate that was used to sign the document.

Our platform saves and preserves signatures as well as keeps electronic certificates stored and updated to prevent them from expiration.

On Premise

From the contracting of the Enterprise service, we offer the option to deploy the platform on the company’s servers.

HSM Integration

The platform has been integrated with the main HSM manufacturers on the market, both HSM in network and in PCI card.

Integration is done using PKCS #11 to the manufacturer’s libraries, and can be done from both Linux and Windows servers.

Verification code and QR code

The platform embeds a secure electronic verification code that allows access to the original when the invoice is printed and generates a QR code for easy access from your mobile.

If an electronic document is printed, it must be printed with this code with the document, to refer to the original digitally signed document.

The printed document shall be considered as an authentic copy, and may be crosschecked on the web with the digitally signed original document.

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