RENTING Fuel more efficiency with digital

Get documents signed effortlessly—whenever, wherever. Send and receive incoming and outgoing invoices to customers through our easy-to-use system and jumpstart your company’s potential.



Accelerate your digital transformation strategy

Handle commercial contracts and employee agreements with ease, stay on top of all invoicing, and improve your customer services.

Save time and money

Cut costs and increase employee productivity. No more paperwork means no more printing, mailing and delivery charges, or tedious admin work for your staff. 

Secure and compliant

Assurance that your transactions are safe and legally compliant across the globe (ISO 27001).


Do away with time-consuming admin, avoid mistakes and make your workflow more agile.


Reduce paper consumption by going digital and help save the planet. 



Docuten is a member of la Hire Association Europe  (HAE), an industry-leading trade association for the plant, tool and equipment hire sector with more than 900 members worldwide.

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Your paperwork problems solved



Receiving invoices the old-fashioned way

Spending too much time receiving, processing and cataloging invoices?

Automate inbound invoices 

Don’t invest so much time in admin and free yourself up to focus on growing your business. 

High volume of documents

Burdened by too much paperwork that may or may not be compliant? 

Easily process and organise all your documents

Going digital allows you to process a much greater volume of documents in less time, takes up less space, and ensures legal compliance.

Disconnect between processes

Frustrated by a lack of harmony between the different business management tools your company uses?

Systematise procedures

Dealing with a single vendor for all your administrative processes helps you to standardise operations, which means more efficiency. Implement a digital transformation strategy that is comprehensive.

Cumbersome contracting procedures

Slowed down by lengthy contract processing and approvals? 

Streamline contracts

Using digital signature for all documents (from lease agreements to insurance) when hiring or renting ensures quick and easy rentals.  

“With Docuten, we have found the perfect digital provider to handle digitising our entire business cycle. Its tech solutions are easy to implement and use, and guarantee compliance with current legislation”.


Interested in a digital transformation strategy?

Check out our Whitepaper on digital signature and electronic invoicing for the renting industry to find out more.

What is a digital signature

How inbound and outbound electronic invoicing works, and what its advantages are

Use cases in the renting industry

How your company can benefit

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