Docuten eInvoicing project update: EU interoperability and cross-border public procurement and commerce are in full swing!

We are proud to be part of EURINV: an eInvoicing project co-financed by the European Commission to support EDI providers of the consortium and our clients to be conformants with the European Standard on electronic invoicing –allowing cross-border transactions between all EU-member countries, according to the Directive 2014/55/EU and the regulations of the Member States.

The consortium involves 7 EDI providers and 2 public institutions from several Member States (Belgium, Finland, Italy, The Netherland, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany and Slovakia). We’ve been sharing with you every step of the EURINV project since we started, so here’s our latest update.

Testing phase

In these months we have carried out the necessary developments in Docuten to be able to exchange electronic invoices using the UBL 2.1 and UN/CEFACT CII standards, which together with the Peppol network connection will allow our clients to issue and receive invoices easily and quickly to and from other companies and/or public administrations not only in Europe, but also in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

We are now starting the conformity testing phase in which the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) must validate the work done and certify that Docuten meets all the requirements for the use of European standards in accordance with Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing.

Docuten’s vision on eInvoicing

Manual management of administrative processes is a practice that slows down the pace of functioning of organizations, which implies a very significant reduction in their efficiency. These are manual processes that do not bring any value to the customer.

Therefore, the digitization of these processes, like eInvoicing, is an unstoppable trend. It is clear that automating invoicing, causing them to be indexed directly into accounting systems, is a measure that significantly improves efficiency. 

For this, Docuten’s commitment is to provide a solution that allows the complete cycle of business documents to be digitized, taking another step towards the standardization of the reception and issuance of the electronic invoice among the member states of the EU, always complying with all regulations in force in Spain and the European Union.

You can contact us for more information about eInvoicing or the EURINV project.