Docuten is not an EDI solution. This is why.

Electronic Data Interchange, also known as EDI, represent a group of solutions which facilitates the exchange of documents between computers in a standard electronic format to their clients and users. They are commonly used to help organizations to digitize their administrative processes.

Although Docuten provides products and solutions that might look like what we previously have described, the reality is that it is not just an EDI service.


Regular Electronic Data Interchange services tend to develop specific services for specific market actors requirements, which usually results in powerful but fragmented and isolated solutions: automotive and retail industries suppliers know very well about this. EDI was developed on early 60s, and was rapidly adopted by retail and automotive big players, who made it mandatory for its partners. This is why these type of solutions are based on a “hub-spoke” model, where the customer (manufacturers and retailers) is on the center. Costs indexed to in/out  data traffic, and difficulties to interconnect with other services providers, are also part of traditional EDI heritage.

At Docuten the approach is different:

We are a B2B/B2G advanced digital services platform built following a “One – stop – Shop” concept. Our goal is to have the capacity to reach as many as possible business networks and communities, customer and supplier requirements coverage, and transparent interoperability become critical.

Transversality is another key characteristic: Docuten’s services can be used independently of the location or country, type of industry, participants’ role (buyer/supplier), size of the company, or volume of operations.

One – stop – shop, also known as one stop source refers to the type of organization or store to which customers attend in order to satisfy their needs in one single place. We not only supply one type of digitization service or solution, but we commit to provide our customers with electronic trading services that allow them to fulfill their complete range of necessities, reaching the maximum levels of efficiency and competitiveness.

Docuten provides advanced digital cloud-based solutions. We work to ensure an efficient exchange of electronic business documents between its trading ecosystem: customers, suppliers, government, partners and employees.

Our users become more efficient by converting paper-based transactions into end-to-end digital flows, optimizing related administrative,commercial and financial processes.

Some of our cloud solutions include:

  • E-Procurement
  • E-Invoicing (Accounts Receivable & Payable Automation)
  • Digital Signature (Contracts, Consents & Approvals)
  • E-Reporting (VAT and other taxes)

As a company, our final goal is to help our customers to improve products and services, enhance customer and supplier experience, reduce costs, control risks, and increase revenues.

We do not only care about electronic document exchange: we fully support and optimize critical business processes. That is mainly why we don’t fit inside the group of EDI services, because we are not just that. We can proudly say that our customers get, just right out-of-the-box, every solution they need in order to become an efficient digitally transformed company.

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