Download the list of errors gathered by the Spanish Tax Agency to send files to the SII

With the publication of the definitive procedures for the presentation of invoices by the Spanish Tax Agency, the established limits for the .csv file format to present have already been defined.  

In spite of this, and due to the lack of knowledge on this new process and the amount of invoices that must be presented, the errors in the .csv fields can be frequent. That is why, the Spanish Tax Agency has gathered a file of all the errors and their corresponding codes. These codes will identify an error type to be solved by the company when rectifying the delivery of their invoices.

We want to remind everything that once the invoices are sent in .csv format, the delivery may be returned by the Spanish Tax Agency as correct, partially correct, incorrect or pending. Depending on the type of error found in the invoice, the status of the invoice may vary within any of these four.

In order to facilitate the identification of errors and speed up the redelivery process, at Enxendra we have decided to gather these errors into a document to facilitate the first days implementing the new SII service. On this list, you can obtain the details on the different case studies of problems generated.

The case studies on the invoices with errors will be three:

  • Errors that cause the full delivery to be rejected
  • Errors that cause the individual invoice to be rejected (or the full request if the error is caused in the header)
  • Errors that cause the acceptance and registration of the invoice in the system but which must be subsequently corrected.

Once the errors are identified, it is appropriate to fix them to be able to correct the delivery and complete the registry of said invoices as “correct” files in the SII.

In order to obtain the list of errors, you must only fill out the following form to be able to download the PDF on your computer.