Docuten’s e-invoicing solutions are secure, efficient and cost effective.

Electronic invoicing Discover all the advantages of e-invoicing

Organise and manage all your invoices in one place to streamline administrative processes with both public and private clients. Cutting out printing, shipping and storage costs decreases operational expenses and saves you money.
What Docuten offers
Main features
Docuten’s features are well-suited to handle the complexities and digitalisation needs of large companies.
Incoming invoices
Receive invoices from vendors directly to your systems.
Send B2G and B2B invoices
Import your invoices in XML or SVC format.
Automate your invoices
Connect Docuten with API Rest, sFTP or AS2.
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Sending invoices
Send B2B
Send invoices in PDF format to private clients.
Send B2G
Send invoices in v. 3.1, 3.2 and 3.2.1 formats, which are required by public administration offices.
Status updates
Sent confirmation and monitoring of invoice processing. You will be able to know the status of your invoices at all times: opened, paid, rejected, etc.
Client configuration
Manage clients and individualise configurations to specify the format in which invoices are sent.
Automate management
Automate invoice numbering and series, as well as recurring invoices, to save time.
Manage users
Create users with different roles and permissions: those that can only view and consult on invoices, or those with permissions to make changes and act on invoices.
Advanced search
Filter to search and locate invoices quickly and easily.
Export reports
You can export billing reports in different formats: SVC, Excel, XML, PDF.
Corporate customisation
Customise your invoices with company colors and add your logo so invoices are easily recognisable.
Add attachments
You can add attachments to the invoice like delivery notes, orders, contracts, etc.
Delegated signatures
The delegated signature allows you to sign invoices without needing a certificate to send them, in accordance with Royal Decree 1496/2003 (November 28).
e-Invoicing solutions
EU electronic invoicing solution
After participating in the EURINV project, Docuten is included in the EU list of electronic invoicing solutions. Thanks to our involvement in this project, through Docuten our clients can send and receive electronic invoices through PEPPOL.
Sending invoices
Generating invoices
Everything you need to create and send invoices from your company systems or through our platform. You choose what works best for you.
  • API integration
    Automate the process by integrating with our APIs (REST and SOAP) or depositing files via sFTP.
  • Upload files
    Import directly online the invoices created in your ERP.
  • Use the web
    Create invoices through our online form.
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Invoices sent
Secure and protected
Secure and protected
We make sure that all your documents, communications and invoices are protected, meeting the strictest security regulations. Docuten has the Information Security Certificate based on the requirements established by the international standard ISO 27001. This provides the highest guarantee of security and accredits the implementation of a management system that protects information within our organisation.
Full legal guarantees
Full legal guarantees
All our digital products comply with regulations in Spain and in the EU, as well as globally.
We've got you covered
We’ve got you covered
Our customer service team will be able to answer all your questions quickly and effectively every step of the way. You can count on individualised support in the implementation of our platform.
Archived for safekeeping
Archived for safekeeping
All your documents and invoices, and audit logs collected during their life cycles will be kept and filed by Docuten.
Minimise risk
Incoming invoices
Received by email
Vendors can send you PDF invoices as email attachments, thanks to our OCR reader.
Received through FACeB2B and Peppol
We are connected to FACeB2B and Peppol to receive invoices through these channels.
Received through our Vendor Portal
Vendors can generate and send invoices at no cost through our online form and you will receive them directly in your Docuten account or in your company systems.
Configure business rules
Create and apply business rules to all invoices received by any of our channels to automate as many data validations as possible.
Status updates
Maintain communication with your vendors through status updates in the internal processing of invoices.
Integrate with Docuten
Integrate invoicing data into your ERP system via API (REST) or through file exchange by sFTP.
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Sending and receiving invoices
Automate and digitalise invoicing to simplify the process and increase efficiency. E-invoicing solutions streamline vendor interactions and bolsters client satisfaction.
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