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a competitive advantage

Make the hiring and handling of employee agreements more efficient so you can concentrate on what’s most important: style, not admin.  Automatically receive invoices from vendors, manage outgoing invoices, and catalogue all electronic billing to take your business to the next level.

Your solution

Capitalise on streamlined operations

Digitalise your administrative processes, increase procedural agility and free yourself up to focus more on core business activities.

Save time and money

Cut costs and increase employee productivity. No more paperwork means no more printing, mailing and delivery charges, or tedious admin work for your staff. 

Secure and compliant

Assurance that your transactions are safe and legally compliant across the globe (ISO 27001).


Do away with time-consuming admin, avoid mistakes and make your workflow more agile.


Reduce paper consumption by going digital and help save the planet. Electronic billing and digital signature is just more tenable in the long term.

Your business, but  eco-friendly

Signing, sending and receiving documents digitally means you use less paper—it’s that simple.  Transform how you operate internally to transform our environment externally.


Your paperwork problems solved



Cumbersome contracting procedures

Slowed down by lengthy contract processing that require time-consuming, in-person dealings? 

Streamline contracts

Using digital signature for all employee agreements ensures quick and easy hiring and compliance.  

High volume of documents

Burdened by too much costly paperwork that may or may not be compliant? 

Easily process and organise all your documents

Going digital allows you to process a much greater volume of documents in much less time, minimises costs, and ensures legal compliance.

Receiving invoices the old-fashioned way

Spending too much time receiving, processing and cataloging invoices?

Automate inbound invoices 

Don’t waste time on admin: stay organised and on top of your invoices digitally and free yourself up to focus on growing your business. Electronic billing is the way to go.

Environmentally unconscious

Concerned about how your company’s overuse of paper and transport is contributing to your carbon footprint? 

Amp up CSR

Modernise your methods and digitise your documents, reducing paper waste and carbon emissions.

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“Everything was super easy with Docuten. Their team handled system implementation and it was up and running in a month and a half. Choosing the right people to help your company digitalise is so important”.


Want to learn more about sustainability in fashion?

This practical guide relies on the experience and knowledge of different experts on fashion and sustainability in Spain. You will find information on the current situation of the industry, how it is changing, and what trends are on the horizon for the future regarding sustainable fashion.

Interviews with experts in the field of sustainability

Practical tips

Case studies of real companies

Current outlook and trends


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