Electronic Invoice and Digital Signature for the Construction Sector

Advantages of using Docuten

Invoice to FACeB2B
from the platform

Manage your invoices and
speed up their collection

All documentation
accessible and in order

Save on
printing and
storage costs

Comply with legal
invoicing obligations

Have the guarantee of
a trusted third party

Improve your ecological footprint
by reducing paper usage

Docuten helps you fulfill your invoicing obligation through FaceB2b and digitize your business with digital signature. All in one platform.

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How can you optimize your construction company with Docuten?

Want to know more about the electronic invoice, digital signature and SII?

  • What are they?
  • FaceB2b
  • Digital signature
  • Immediate supply of VAT information
  • Advantages
  • Cases in the construction sector

Our Whitepaper on electronic invoicing, digital signature and SII for the construction sector will solve all your doubts.

Do you need to invoice FACeB2B?

Under the new Contract Law, subcontracted companies working for suppliers of the General Administration of the State and Public Administrations are obliged to issue electronic invoices to contractors through FACe2B when the amount exceeds 5,000 euros.

With Docuten you can enjoy the issuance and receipt of invoices through FACeB2B.

Our clients experience

“For our stakeholders and clients, we have exponentially multiplied the levels of trust thanks to the presence of a trusted third party that validates the signature”

Lorena Suárez 
HR Director of Grupo Caamaño

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