Electronic Invoice Receipt

Digitize the process of receiving electronic invoices from your suppliers

Receiving invoices manually is often a complex process whose management

involves a high investment of time and money to companies.

The automation and digitization of the e-invoicing reception process allows you to simplify the process

and provides a series of benefits for both you and your suppliers.

Greater control and organization

Streamlines administrative processes and saves time

Maximum legal guarantees

Reduces costs

Prevents the loss of original documents

Tools for receiving electronic invoices


Our goal is that you receive all invoices electronically, and thus index them directly into your accounting systems without need for manual intervention. For this we have the following tools:

   1. Free Supplier Portal

Your suppliers will have a supplier portal from which they will be able to send you electronic invoices at no cost to them.

icono_precios_premium-1-e1554882455692   2. FACeB2B and PEPPOL channels

We are connected to FaceB2b and PEPPOL channels. If your suppliers already issue electronic invoices and send them to those channels, you can receive them with Docuten.

  • What is FACeB2B?

The FaceB2b platform is established as a General Entry Point for Electronic Invoices between companies. It has two objectives: to simplify and incentivize the use of electronic invoice between companies, and to allow the issuance of invoices from subcontractors to the main contractor.

  • What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL (Pan European Procurement Online) is a European electronic distribution network that makes it easier for companies to transport electronic invoices both in the public and private spheres, acting as a global network.

icono_precios_premium-1-e1554882455692    3. OCR Reader

An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reader is a technology that allows you to convert physical documents, PDF files or images, in digital format with editable data.

Thanks to our OCR solution you will be able to receive invoices in pdf through emails and index them directly in your systems.

This allows, under the topic that concerns us, the receipt of invoices, the conversion of a PDF file into a CML format through a fast and simple process. At Docuten we have this technology to facilitate the automation of the e-invoicing cycle.

In other words, your suppliers will be able to send the PDF invoices attached by email to a Docuten account that identifies the customer. We will take care of receiving and processing the received mails for their subsequent sending to the OCR connector for the extraction of information from the PDF document.

Finally, when the data has been extracted, the customer will validate the information obtained.

Blockchain Certification

If you want to strengthen the traceability of your invoices and communications with suppliers and customers, Docuten offers you the possibility to register the evidence of all invoices on blockchain.

Learn more about Blockchain >


Ask about our emission projects.


Integrate invoice receipt with your company’s internal systems. With Docuten, you can integrate invoice reception with the system you use in your company, and thus avoid the need to use different platforms.

We have APIs that allow us to connect our electronic invoice reception service with your customer business software (ERP, CRM, etc.).


Our clients experience

“Working remotely is almost unthinkable in a company like ours, dedicated to the construction sector, with works spread throughout the entire national territory. However, thanks to Docuten and the implementation of the electronic invoice, we have been able to continue working, taking the appropriate preventive measures, with hardly any difficulties”.

Emilio Casal
Systems Director Lantania

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