Digitally transform how you receive invoices to save your company time and money.

Switch to an automated system to simplify the process, adapt to your client’s needs and forget about paper.

“With e-invoicing, we have been able to continue working seamlessly while  taking the precautions necessary during these times”. 

Emilio Casal
Systems Director | Lantania


How does it work?

Organise and catalogue your company’s incoming invoices in 3 easy steps. 

Step 1. Select 01

Our user-friendly interface enables clients and providers to easily send you invoices in their chosen format, avoiding technological roadblocks.

Step 2. Receive

02Receive sent invoices through our system with the assurance that they are legally compliant and secure.

Step 3. Catalogue 03

Received invoices are automatically indexed in our system, cutting out unnecessary and tedious extra work.

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Get to know our flexible formats and channels

Easily adapt to the technological means of your vendors when receiving and sending e-invoices.

OCR Reader

Invoices received in PDF format by email are directly catalogued in your systems by our OCR reader.  

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An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) reader is technology that converts physical or PDF documents into an editable, digital format. The PDFs are then quickly and easily converted to CML format, automating the process of how e-invoices are received. Your vendors only have to email PDF invoices to your account at Docuten, and we take care of the rest.

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Vendor Portal

We offer a free, easy-to-use Vendor Portal for invoicing that your clients can connect to.


Our system supports all relevant e-invoicing channels, including FACeB2B. 

What is FACeB2B?
The FACeB2B platform acts as a common point of entry for electronic invoices between companies. It has two objectives: to simplify and encourage the use of e-invoicing between businesses, and to enable subcontractors to send invoices to head contractors.

You can also receive invoices via PEPPOL if your vendors rely on this channel.

What is Peppol?
PEPPOL is a European network that enables public and private companies to exchange electronic documents, including e-invoices, based on established specifications.


Integrating Docuten into your business is fast and easy.

Our APIs connect to your system to receive and manage all inbound invoicing in one place.


What we bring to the table

Take advantage of all the benefits of Docuten, and let your business thrive.  


Put an end to tedious paperwork, eliminate errors, and save money.  


Ensure legally compliant invoicing across the globe.


Rest assured that invoices received by our systems meet the strictest security protocols.  

We also provide outbound e-invoicing services Ok

“The majority of processes in the finance department associated with managing clients and vendors have been executed successfully. When collaborating with providers on the implementation of new processes, we are looking for services that do not entail additional costs, which was the case with Docuten”.

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