CONSTRUCTION Operate more efficiently with

the right digital tools 

Streamline signatures and automate inbound and outbound invoicing to build better business procedures, enhance client loyalty and increase profitability.

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The best option

Improve your digital infrastructure

Expertly manage incoming and outgoing invoices through automation, and easily navigate complex electronic document networks like FACe or FACeB2B with our interface to decrease operational expenses and time spent on invoicing.

Save time and money

Cut costs and increase employee productivity. No more paperwork means no more printing, mailing and delivery charges, or tedious admin work for your staff. 

Secure and compliant

Assurance that your transactions are safe and legally compliant across the globe. Docuten has the Information Security Certificate based on the requirements established by the international standard ISO 27001.


Do away with time-consuming admin, avoid mistakes and make your workflow more agile.


Reduce paper consumption by going digital and help save the planet.

“Remote working is almost nonexistent in the construction industry due to the nature of the work and the fact that jobs are often in different locations. However, by switching to electronic invoicing, Docuten has enabled us to continue working seamlessly during this time, while taking the appropriate precautions”.


Your paperwork problems solved



Invoicing through diverse channels

Need to be able to send or receive invoices through FACeB2B or other established channels? 

A direct line to established invoicing channels

Connect to FACeB2B, FACe, and all entry points for public administration e-invoices to make invoicing that much simpler.

High volume of documents

Burdened by too much paperwork that may or may not be compliant?

Easily process and organise all your documents

Going digital allows you to process a much greater volume of documents in less time, takes up less space, and ensures legal compliance.

Disconnect between processes

Frustrated by a lack of harmony between the different business management tools your company uses?

Systematise procedures

Dealing with a single vendor for all your administrative processes helps you to standardise operations, which means more efficiency.

Cumbersome contracting procedures

Slowed down by lengthy contract processing that often requires time-consuming in-person dealings? 

Get things done—whenever, wherever.

Quickly and easily sign all employee and commercial documents digitally, no paperwork required. 

More advantages

You can count on us

Our specialised team will provide all the information and support you need to make the integration process fast and easy.


At Docuten we provide you with the necessary legal support, complying with all current regulations that affect digital signature, electronic invoicing and direct debit management.

One suite, various products

Digital signature, electronic invoicing, and  direct debit, all in one place.

Get started with Docuten API Advantages

“Using a trusted third party like Docuten has greatly increased the security and validity of signatures for our stakeholders and clients”.


Interested in going digital?

Check out our Whitepaper on digital signature and electronic invoicing in the construction industry to find out more.

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