Electronic Invoicing Issuance

Issue your invoices electronically easily and quickly

Streamlines administrative processes with both public and private clients.

Increase control and organization of all your invoices on a single platform.

Eliminates printing and shipping costs.

Save costs and improve the efficiency of your company

Reduce the administrative time spent on invoice management.

Meet national and international standards.

Reduce the average Invoicing period.

Reduces errors.

To public clients

We facilitate the process of sending to administrations with an invoicing system that maintains the format and channel in which the invoice must be sent to the AAPP.

Docuten allows you to send them in an integrated way to the General Invoice Entry in Public Administrations (AAPP): FACe, e. FACT (Catalonia), La Rioja, Castile-La Mancha, Basque Country and Galicia.

Exchange of status with the public administration: The automation of these integrations include automatic updating of invoice status according to notifications from the receiving PGE.

To private clients

Docuten allows you to meet the requirements of your private client whatever the format demanded by them, allowing you to send invoices to any type of client so that all your invoices are organized within the platform. You can send invoices to the private client by the means he chooses:

  • Web Services
  • Rest API
  • FTP (sFTP)
  • AS2
  • Attached to email

Docuten interoperates with other private invoicing platforms.

Generation of invoices

You can generate invoices manually or automatically.

  • Manual generation

You can generate the invoice manually using the form. The form will indicate the invoice details, as well as the required fields, optional fields and files attached to the invoice.

This option will allow companies that do not have software for the generation of facturae to be invoiced electronically.

  • Semi-automatic generation (file upload)

Docuten allows you to upload a file with invoice data, avoiding having to
generate the invoice on the platform again.

If the company’s management systems allow you to export the invoice in a
format txt, XML, CSV… it can be imported into the platform.

Delegated signature

To sign invoices with Docuten you do not need your own certificate . The platform allows you to sign invoices in a delegated manner.

A delegated signature is a type of signature in which a third party is authorized to digitally sign for the original signatory. This type of signature is totally legal.

  • Simplify the invoicing process.
  • Self-manage the issuance of the certificate.
  • It is a completely legal and technical solution.

  • Streamlines the signing process.


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Immediate Provision of Information (SII)

iconos-editable-04   The Immediate Provision of Information is the electronic system for the telematic declaration of VAT registration.

iconos-editable-04   The obligation to electronically declare the details of invoices issued and received by sending this information to the Tax Agency (AEAT).

Learn more about the SII >


General Point of Entry of Electronic Invoices between Companies. The perfect solution for subcontractors.

The obligation for suppliers of the Administration to issue invoices to contractors through Face2B when the amount exceeds 5,000 €.

Learn more about FACeB2B >

Legal validity and formats

The electronic invoice has the same legal validity as the paper invoice. Docuten allows you to work with the main invoice formats, which provide a fully legal and valid electronic invoice model.

– Facturae versions 3.1, 3.2, 3.2.1 and 3.2.2.

– Signed PDF Invoice (PAdES)

– Also compatible with European UBL / CII format

API integration

Thanks to our API, the company’s systems can be integrated with the platform both at a communication level and at the format level.

– API Rest


– sFTP

Our API >

Blockchain Certification

If you want to strengthen the traceability of your invoices and communications with suppliers and customers, Docuten offers you the possibility to register the evidence of all invoices on blockchain.

Learn more about Blockchain >





The platform has a management system for its own users, which allows identification by user and password, and by electronic certificate .

It also allows you to delegate that identification against a customer service, such as LDAP or Active Directory , so that users of the organization can use the same identification system they use in their own organization on the platform.


Our Enterprise service will allow you to have a customized platform according to your specific needs, adapting to the corporate image of your company. This makes it easier for users to recognize the service.

In addition to the adaptation of the platform to the image of the organization, the platform allows the customization of the invoices that you issue in PDF, as well as the visualization of all the invoices, with the corporate colors and the logo of your company.

Our clients experience

“It is a change that clubs that are our customers value very much, because they go from a traditional paper signature system, generation of remittances in online banking, all by hand and manual management, to directly let the club share a link, the parent fills it in from his mobile or from his computer and the process is done, he does not have any further  administrative burden ”.

Diego López
CEO of Siguetuliga

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