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Streamline client transactions and stay on top of your billing with our all-in-one interface for B2B and B2G invoices.

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Reduce invoicing errors and time spent on admin. 


Cut out printing and shipping costs, and get paid sooner.


Invoices sent, processed and stored in our cloud are in compliance with the strictest security regulations.

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“With Docuten we have found the perfect electronic invoicing solutions provider to digitise the complete business cycle. Its technological solutions are easy to integrate and use, and guarantee compliance with current legislation”


Methods of sending e-invoices

Access different channels

Docuten connects you to channels like PEPPOL, FACeB2B and the Spanish government’s general entry point so you can send invoices to both public and private clients.

Use different formats

Send legally compliant invoices in any of the following formats:

Signed PDF invoice (PAdES)
European format UBL / CII

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Sending B2G Invoices

Bill through the necessary channels and with the correct format with our electronic invoicing solutions, following government administration guidelines. 

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Sending B2B Invoices

Easily adapt your invoices to client specifications and organise everything in one place with our electronic invoicing solutions. You can use:

e-Invoice v3.2

e-Invoice v3.2.2 (for FACeB2B)

Signed PDF

UBL 2.1


Suministro Inmediato de Información (SII)

Need guidance on SII?

Automate the entire VAT declaration process with the Spanish tax authority (AEAT), and guarantee continued monitoring and compliance. 

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