Electronic voting

Discover the advantages of electronic voting

Electronic voting process

The electronic voting platform of Enxendra Technologies allows you to vote through two different identification methods:

  • Through SMS, using secure and strong one-time passwords.
  • Using electronic certificates from the voter themselves.

The publications may be defined as public or private, and to proceed to vote, the only thing necessary will be a device with internet connection.

To verify the identity of the voter, the SMS code and the certificate will be validated, before the vote is encoded and safeguarded by the platform to start with the scrutiny process until the voting itself is closed.

The users may be registered manually on the platform via the website or automatically, making an initial automatic charge with the data of the member voters of the association.

Advantages of electronic voting

Exercise your right to vote electronically through electronic certificates and codes sent to your mobile phone.

Vote from any device, regardless of the operating system that you use.

Trace in real time the number of votes issued both generally as well as for each of the polling stations established.

The platform may be customized with your corporate image.

Register the votes made in person, in order to make counting easier.

You set up the automatic and programmed or manual start and finish of voting.

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