Manage the flow of issuance and receipt of invoices to FACeB2B with Docuten

And simplify administrative processes

What is FACB2B?

FaceB2b is a platform that stands as a General Entry Point for Electronic Invoices between Companies.

This platform is included in the new Contract Law that entered into force on March 9, 2018 and began to be applied on June 30, 2018.


FACeB2B Objectives

FaceB2b is created to meet 2 primary objectives:

  1. Simplify and encourage the use of electronic invoicing between companies facilitating the process and being designed to function as a HUB for the distribution of invoices.
  2. Allow the submission of invoices from subcontractors to the main contractor, in a Single Electronic Register.

The perfect solution for subcontractors

With the new Contract Law, subcontracted companies that work for suppliers of the State Administration and other public administrations are obliged to issue electronic invoices to contractors through FACeB2B when the amount exceeds 5,000 euros.

With Docuten you will be able to manage these invoice streams in a safe, legal and easy to use way. A platform that allows you to dispatch in an integrated and automated way, meeting the requirements and standards of electronic invoicing.

Projects receipt of electronic invoice

Designed as an invoice distribution HUB , the FACeB2B platform together with Docuten , as an Electronic Invoice Services Provider, will allow you to automate and simplify B2B invoicing processes with your clients and suppliers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to increase the productivity and efficiency of your business and integrate your systems with Docuten.


Enjoy the issuance and receipt of invoices through FACeB2B.

¿Need more information?

Enxendra Technologies is a technology and innovation company that creates services that allow the administrative digitalization of companies. After nine years acquiring experience in the sector, we launched our Docuten platform that brings together the digital signature, the electronic invoice and payments, in one same service.

As an Electronic Service Provider, Docuten allows you to automate and simplify the B2B invoicing processes through the FACeB2B platform that stands as the General Point of Entry of Electronic Invoices between Companies.

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