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And improve your efficiency
Save unnecessary costs and improve the efficiency while developing the projection of your business.
Cut the unnecessary administrative time spent on invoice management.
National and Internationally approved by the main legal standards.
Minimize the time spent in collecting invoices.
Decrease the error rate.

Send and receive electronic bills with our platform

Docuten allows you to manage the outbound and inbound flow of invoices.
  • Automate the process of sending bills from your company while you increase your productivity.
  • Fulfill your clients requirements.
  • Control your invoices status and check if it has been received, open, declined or paid.
  • Get your electronic bills automatically.
  • Establish your own rules regarding the way you receive and send your bills and approve your own approval procedures.
  • Generate manual or semi-automatic invoices.

Legal validity and specific formats

E-invoices are given equal legal rights to paper signed invoices. Docuten allows you to work with the main formats of e-invoice, always providing a completely legal format that is fully valid.

  • E-invoices in its different versions; 3.1, 3.2 and 3.2.1
  • Signed PDF invoices (PAdES)
  • The format is also suitable for the European UBL/CII

Sending electronic invoices to the Public Administration

Docuten allows you to send integrated documents to the main receiving points of electronic invoices in the Public Administration network. Some of these points are:
  • FACe, general receiving point of electronic invoices for the AGE
  • e.FACT, Catalonian administration
  • Rioja’s government electronic invoice service
  • Platform for the Council of Communities of Castilla y la Mancha
  • General entry platform for electronic invoices to País Vasco
  • Galician general entry platform for electronic invoices
  • We make the process of sending the invoices easier by giving you a platform where you can create the exact format the Public Administrations require and sending them by the channels they are specifically asking to.
Exchange status with the administration. Automatize the exchange status process when integrating the platform in your company.

Billing to private clients

Docuten gives you the facilities to adapt your invoices to whichever is the format they are asking for your private clients, which wilI also allow you to electronically send the invoices to all of them, administrating every invoice under the same online platform.

You can send invoices to your private clients via :

  • Web Services
  • API Rest
  • FTP (sTFP)
  • AS2
  • Attached to an e-mail

The recipient can also receive the invoices through e-mail service if they don't have available an electronic invoicing method.

Docuten interoperates with other private invoicing platforms.

Electronic Invoice generation

Docuten allows you to create manual or semi automatic invoices. Manual generation
  • The bill could be manually generated by a prearranged template.
  • In the template all the mandatory and optional fields will be indicated, as well as additional options and file upload actions.
This specific option will let you send electronic invoices even if you are not provided with a FacturaE software generation. Semi automatic generation
  • You can upload an invoice to the platform avoiding to manually enter the data.
  • If the company system allows to export the invoices in txt, XML, CSV formats, you could directly upload it to the platform.


Thanks to our API, the company's systems will be able to integrate with the platform both at the communication level and at the format level. At the communication level, they can be integrated through:
  • Web Services.
  • API Rest.
  • FTP (sFTP).
  • AS2.
  • Attached to email.
At the file format level:
  • Facturae.
  • CSV.
  • Customer's own format.

Delegated signature

To sign invoices with Docuten you don’t need to have your own electronic certificate. The platform allows you to sign your invoices by delegating the signature, with all the benefits this assumes:
  • Delegated signature simplifies the invoicing process
  • Self-manage the certificate issuance
  • Completely valid and legal solution
  • Speed the signature process up

Establish your own regulated business procedures

The platform gives you the option to create specific requirements for the invoices that are being sent and received, therefore, they will only be billed if they fulfill these characteristics, either if they are semantic aspects or syntactic.

These rules also help to achieve the regulations used in the common paper based invoice format, for example:

  • Making a requirement to input the Order Number on the invoices
  • Authenticating the contract number against a valid contract number list.
  • Must present de delivery note or waybill with an adequate content and structure.
  • Any other requests or validations you may need for your invoices.

Electronic invoices custody

Invoices are guarded by Docuten during their prescription time. As it follows, all your invoices will remain accessible for both the issuer and the receiver, allowing their validation, download and printing at any time. The platform also allows the client to have a copy of the original document in their own systems.

Verification code and QR

The platform inputs a completely secure code for the electronic authentication and gives access to the original whenever the invoice is printed. It also generates a QR code that will give easy access to the content from the user’s mobile phone or tablet.

If an electronic document is printed, it must be printed with this code, referring to the original signature in the file.

The printed version will have equal consideration to the authentic file, and could be checked against the original version for legal purposes.


Personalized platform

Our Enterprise service allows you to have a customized platform according to your specific needs. The platform could be personalized with your very own corporative image, making the recognition process and the association of the services easier for the users.
  • Personalize the platform with your very own identity
  • Generate custom PDFs
  • Preview your personalized electronic invoices
Moreover, apart from the adaptation of the platform to the brand identity, the customizations offers the possibility of integrating the system to your company, adapting the functionalities to your needs and requirements.

Suppliers web portal

If you're an Enterprise subscriber you will be able to get the advantage of managing your invoice reception flow.

The platform will remove any possibility for the receiver to manually input any information, saving money and making completely automatic the billing process.

Receiving electronic invoices improves the benefits intake in the company accounting aspects, allowing them to automatically integrate the invoices into their suppliers systems.

Single Sign On

The platform has a management system for the own internal users, that allows the identification through user, password and email address. There is also the option of delegating that identification to one of the client’s services, like LDAP or Active Directory, meaning that those users from the organization are able to use the platform within the same identification system that they were previously using in the company.

Automated management of the clients and suppliers

Managing your clients and suppliers information is possible with the Enterprise account. You can easily upload their personal information, such as email, tax information, receiving format and channel information, etc.

With the Enterprise plan, you will be able to automatically upload via an integration through FTPs, Web Services,… to the platform.

On premise

From the moment of subscription to the Enterprise plan, we offer you the option of display the platform on the company servers. We usually recommend you to implement it in a Saas mode, but for those cases where the On Premise format is a requirement, the platform architecture allows us to develop that specific mode in the client servers. Our platform has been developed in a J2E platform that can be deployed in the client’s database and application servers with a great available architecture for the client to have it in its servers.

Approval flows

You can define the validation flows and invoice approval inside the platform or integrate it with your management tool so you can carry on with the same invoicing validations you had before hiring our services.

When you implement your validation flows to the platform:

  • Every person in charge of reviewing an invoice can make changes to the invoice before the file has been accepted.
  • All the recipients for the signature of a document receive a notification to check the invoice without having to wait for third parties.
  • It increases the company productivity and skips the unnecessary steps.

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