Docuten’s e-invoicing software: electronic invoicing formats

The format you choose through Docuten’s e-invoicing software depends on if you are sending your invoices to public or private sector clients, and your specific preferences.

The e-invoicing format can be:

  • e-Invoice v3.2 and v3.1: Standard format available through Docuten’s e-invoicing software for sending invoices to public administration offices. XML document that follows the layout established by the Ministry of Industry. It includes electronic signature to ensure its authenticity and integrity.
  • Signed PDF: Format typically used for billing private sector clients.
  • Paper invoice: Format to be printed from your computer and delivered by hand.
  • e-Invoice (v3.2.2). Currently Docuten’s e-invoicing software only supports this format for invoices sent via FACeB2B. In the future we will allow e-Invoice 3.2.2 to be sent through other channels as well.

Configure the e-invoicing format that will be sent to clients under the sending preferences of each client in the “Manage” > “Clients” section. Access a specific client and click on “Sending Preferences” in the upper right corner. Once modified, click “Save”.