How can I sign from a mobile phone or tablet?

With Docuten’s biometric signature you are able to sign documents from a mobile phone or tablet with full electronic signature validity.

The Docuten mobile application sends the signed document with the biometric information encrypted in the document itself, providing complete legal guarantees. This ensures the inalterability of the document since it can’t be modified after it is signed. 

Storing the biometric information of the signature securely within the signed document gives the electronic signature validity.

To use a biometric signature, you must first have a Docuten account. Once you have your username, you can use the biometric signature in two ways:

  1. Biometric signature app: to sign biometrically you need to download the Docuten mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices (smartphone and tablet).
  2. Biometric signature online:  to sign biometrically you only need to open the document for signature as it will directly open to the platform in your mobile or tablet internet browser.