How can I create a periodic or recurring invoice?

With Docuten you can schedule a recurring invoice to be sent in a specific billing period.

The system lets you to choose whether or not the invoice is configured in drafts before being sent.

To create a recurring or periodic invoice, you must have at least one series with automatic numbering configured. You can create series through “Preferences” > “Series and numbering”.

Serials & numbering

If you want the invoice to be sent directly on the scheduled date, you must have delegated signature turned on in your preferences. If you prefer to leave the created invoice in drafts and send it manually yourself later, this last preference is not necessary (you can sign with your own certificate). Modify this option under “Preferences”> “Invoice Format.”

To create the invoice, click “Create Invoice” under “My Invoices”> “Recurring Invoices” in the side menu.

Then select the client you want to send it to. The invoice form will open up, indicating that it is a recurring invoice at the top. You will need to indicate how often the invoice should be sent (at what intervals), the start date, the number of invoices (this could be infinite), etc. Fill in the rest of the invoice data as usual and click “Save”.

You created a recurring invoice.

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