What status notifications can you set up for the receipt of your invoices?

The most frequent notifications correspond to the following statuses: accepted, received, rejected, paid and processed. However, here are some extra notifications.

  • Accepted: the invoice recipient, our customer, can modify the invoice status to reflect that the invoice has been accepted. Docuten will automatically send an email to the supplier that sent the request to inform them of this status change.
  • Received: the invoice has already been processed by the system and is pending management by the receiver.
  • Rejected: the receiver of the invoice, our client, can modify the status of the invoice to reflect that it has been rejected because it contains an error or we are not satisfied with it. 
  • In processing: the invoice recipient, our customer, can change the status when the invoice is in process or in processing.
  • Pending: this status is given to invoices received by e-mail and which must be processed by OCR. When they have this status it means that the OCR reader has not been able to automatically extract all the data from the PDF of the invoice and the invoice must be manually reviewed by Docuten.
  • Processed: means that the OCR reader has already extracted the data from the PDF of the invoice and it is ready for processing. 
  • Paid: when the receiver, our customer, has confirmed payment of the invoice.


If you decide to integrate your ERP with Docuten you will be able to configure the sending of notifications so that your suppliers receive a notification for each change of status of the invoices.  In addition, if necessary, you can configure (ad hoc) your system so that your supplier receives a notification of the status changes that interest you the most.