What actions can I take on a document that is already signed?

You can do the following:
  • Download evidence: the evidence is a document that certifies the operations carried out during the signing process. It shows the sending information, as well as the evidence of the process: the date and time, the IP address and device on which a specific operation has been carried out (the opening of the document, the sending of a key or the actual signing of it), etc. This document stands as a certificate signed by Docuten (Docuten Tech S.L. as a company), by virtue of our role as a trusted third party.
  • Download: if the document does not yet contain signatures, this option will appear.
  • Download signed: from this option you can download the document once it has been signed with the signatures included in it. The digital footprint of the signature appears on the first page of the document, which enables access to the original. This signed PDF is the signed original and has all legal guarantees.
  • Download printable version: there is a clear difference between this version and the previous one (download signed). In this case, the PDF is not signed but its main objective is to generate a printed copy on paper with just the access information (the CSV and the QR code) to verify the original signed document.
  • History: by clicking here you can access the document’s history on the website, and see all the actions that have been carried out since it was sent, as well as their date and time.

All of Docuten’s signature options comply with the European eIDAS Regulation. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.