What are automatic validations or checks?

We all know how tedious it is to manage the invoices we receive from our suppliers, so the more automated our processes are, the better!

Docuten gives you the possibility to set up automatic checks so that when you receive invoices from your suppliers and they do not meet certain parameters, they are automatically invalidated. 

The automatic checks most frequently used by our customers are the following: 

👉 If an invoice arrives as a duplicate, the system will recognize it and return it to the supplier with the reason “rejected as a duplicate invoice”.

👉 If suppliers send you documents that are not related to the invoices, i.e., other than the invoice itself, orders or delivery notes, they will be automatically rejected, indicating the reason.

👉 You will be able to indicate those data that are essential for the invoice to be validated: VAT number, company name, invoice date and number, order number or any other identifying information for your team.

👉 You will be able to set a limit for invoice entry, so that, once that day has arrived, it will be returned to the supplier indicating the reason.

With these automatic validations you save an enormous amount of time, since it allows you to manage a large volume of invoices.