What is electronic invoice receipt?

Electronic invoicing is here to stay! if you still have doubts, take a look at 👉 Ley Crea y Crece.

For this reason, companies specialized in this field provide you with different electronic channels through which your suppliers can send you their invoices. 

Docuten offers you the guarantee that once the platform registers them in your account, simultaneously, you and your supplier will receive an email notification with the different status (accepted, received, rejected and paid) of your invoices.

This functionality will allow you to have real-time information on what is happening with your invoices. For example, if any invoice should be rejected, you can proceed thanks to the reason for rejection detailed in each invoice.

The reasons will depend on the configuration you set up, the business rules or any other casuistry you have established.

At Docuten, we have the following channels for the reception of your invoices: 

  • PDF invoices (by email)
  • Supplier Portal
  • Peppol
  • FACeB2B