What is a DIRe? It uniquely identifies each billing services company

DIRe is an alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies each company receiving invoices and each “Billing Services Company.” Its structure is as follows:

  1. Country code in ISO3166-1 alpha-2 format.
  2. Entity ID (NIF).
  3. 4-digit code with numbers and consonants.

For example, Docuten’s DIRe is: ESB856309780000

To issue an invoice, it is mandatory to indicate the DIRe of the recipient. This means the DIRe of the company that the invoice is ultimately being sent to, not the “Billing Services Company.”

Search for any DIRe and associated  information in the “Directory of Entities” (DIRe).

To receive invoices, the company receiving invoices must be registered in the “Directory of Entities” (DIRe) to then be able to register in FACeB2B.   

We explain how in this video:

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