Who makes up Docuten? Find out who we are

Curious about who we are? Docuten is part of Docuten Tech S.L. (formerly Enxendra Technologies S.L.), a company created in 2009 dedicated to e-invoicing and digital signature.

We currently have offices in A Coruña, Madrid and London, and an impressive team of professionals eager to help your company find the right solution for your digital needs.

Previously, we worked with two separate platforms (Hazteunafacturae and Signedoc) before merging them to form Docuten. This is how we have become the first platform to offer e-invoicing, digital signature and payments together in one place. This new, innovative product builds off of the experience and professionalism acquired during the development of our previous endeavours to offer something unparalleled.

To learn more about us, take a look at who we are are and our company history

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