From our digital signature devices, Docuten allows you to use centralized signature.

¿What is a centralized signature?

Being able to centrally manage the electronic certificates employed for an entire organization. With this type of digital signature the certificates will operate from a single data repository, being controlled, secured and allowed to be used from different computers or mobile devices.

¿Is the centralized signature legal?

Yes, since the European regulation (Nº910/2014) of Electronic Signature entered into force, code centralization is allowed.

It guarantees the security of the process because the custody of the certificate belongs to the signer and the access to it will only be accessible from the password that specific person has set. When signing, a text message is sent to the mobile phone with an only time password that will need to be indicated to complete the signature process.

What are the advantages of the centralized signature?

Thanks to the centralization of the passwords you will be getting the following advantages:

  • Device independence : users will always have access to the electronic certificates regardless the computer or mobile device they are using to sign.
  • Licenses centralized control : The number of certificates accessible for the user can be limited as well as the actions, establishing personalized permissions for each user.
  • Tracking and monitoring: The centralization to the passwords allows you to perform a time and location monitoring, as well as the authentication via second factor. It also offers you the option to register all the operations that have been made within the organization departments with electronic certificates.
  • Decrease your loses : Avoid certificates loss since these haven’t been kept in a single computer or device.
  • Revocation, expiration and destruction : centralized certificates leave these actions to the organization to be managed by them exclusively.

Centralized Signature formats

Centralized signature can be used with qualified or not qualified certificates:

  • Qualified certificates are issued by a Qualified Certification Authority. In this case the signature will be qualified signature.
  • Non qualified certificates, issued by our digital signature platform. In this case, the signature will be an advanced electronic signature.

You can use any of these two process of centralized signature with Docuten. In the specific case of signing with a qualified certificate, it will be necessary to hire the Enterprise plan. (Contact us and we will solve you all your doubts about this specific plan).