Docuten digital signature service allows the use of local signature.

What is a local signature?

Local signature is that type of signature where electronic certificates are housed within the computer of the signer.

Is the Local Signature legal?

Yes it is. Local signature is the digital signature that it has been used in Spain for the last years. Legal validity of this type of signature is all gathered in the European regulation (Nº910/2014) of digital signature, or also called, eIDAS, as well as in other international regulations. (More information about digital signature legal aspects).

What levels of signature can be reached with local signature?

With local signature we can either use a qualified certificate or a non-qualified certificate.

  • Qualified certificates: issued by a certification qualified authorization. In this case the signature will reach the qualified signature level.
  • Non-qualified certificates, issued by our digital signature platform. In this case the signature will reach the advanced electronic signature.

What are the characteristics of Docuten’s digital signature service?

Docuten allows you to sign with electronic certificates reaching the maximum level of signature, qualified signature or recognized.

Electronic certificates to be used could be generated in :

  • Smart card
  • Software
  • Token USB

The certificate is guarded in the server and won’t be necessary the execution of any external component for its use.

The local signature solution is compatible with all the operating systems and browsers and it has been implemented through a local component in java that need to be installed in the computer of the signer (replacing old applets).