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Docuten allows the automation and digitization of the processes carried out by the Human Resources departments.

Sign all kinds of work documents and save time and money with our digital signature solution.

Sign your documents from any mobile device or computer.

Full legal guarantees at national and international level.

Manage your documents and access them whenever you want.

The platform makes the signing mechanism an easy and transparent process.

Integrate the electronic signature system within your company’s systems with the Enterprise plan.

What types of signatures do we have at Docuten?

At Docuten we provide all the types of legal signatures listed in the eIDAS regulation, from simple signature to qualified signature. However, we consider that each project requires a specific type of signature based on usability and security needs.

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What type of signature do I have to use?

Our recommendation when choosing the type of signature to perform is to apply the principle of proportionality. It is necessary to determine whether usability prevails over greater security guarantees, and vice versa. We are experts in digital signature and we will advise you to define which type of signature is best suited to your needs.

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Employee signature

Signature with OTP | Advanced signature

The signature with OTP (one-time password) is a signature made by sending a one-time code via SMS or email. This type of signature is certified on the server and, through this code required of the signatory, the identity of the signatory is confirmed.

Biometric signature | Advanced signature

Biometric signature is a solution that allows you to sign documents through handwritten signature, on any mobile device (Tablet, Smartphone) and with full legal validity.

This type of signature has legal guarantees. The Docuten mobile application sends the signed document with the biometric information encrypted in the document itself. This, therefore, will remain unchanged due to its impossibility of modification. Docuten also has a forensic verification tool that can be used by a calligraphic expert in case of any legal dispute. In addition to this biometric information, additional data will be stored such as the device used to perform the signature, the geolocation of the signer and the recognized time stamp.

Company signature

If tha same document requires the signature of two parties, such as a worker and a company, the latter may sign in a totally mechanical manner, without the need for a natural person to intervene, through the automatic signature of Docuten:

  • Automatic signature on server:

    Automatic signature carried out on the Docuten platform itself, by means of a digital certificate of company seal.

  • Automatic signature by qualified digital certificate


At Docuten we provide all the types of legal signatures listed in the eIDAS regulation. If you would like more information about the different types, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to help you!

Most common use cases

  • Contract of employment
  • Prevention of Risks at Work (PRW)
  • Document accrediting training
  • Extensions
  • Model 145
  • Layoffs (dismissals)
  • Variations / modifications of contract of employment
  • Basic copy of the contract

Integrate your systems

Integrate the electronic signature system within your company’s systems with the Enterprise plan. In Docuten we have APIs that allow us to connect our digital signature services with any business software.

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Our clients experience

“It has been all advantages. (…) Our product has been improved with the digitization tool.”

Javier Castiñeira
Territorial Director of Nortempo in Galicia

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