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Digital signature

Our digital signature types...

Centralized signature

Signature with a certificate issued by Docuten from any device.

OTP signature (SMO or email)

Sending an OTP (One-Time Password) code to sign by SMS or mail.

Biometric signature

Biometric signature on a mobile device or tablet from the web or our app.

Signature with qualified certificate

Sign with your own digital certificate from your PC or from the cloud.

... and many more functionalities

Unlimited sending of documents

Send all the documents you need.

Delegation of signature

Delegate the signature of your documents to a third party involved.

Massive sending of documents

Upload of CSV for massive sending of documents.

Editable PDF templates

Upload and save fixed document templates into your account and edit their data directly on the platform.

Creating Users with Roles

Create multiple users and assign different roles with specific permissions.

Subdivision into companies and offices

Organizes by companies and offices the management and control of documents.

Ad hoc Process Notifications

Personalized notifications for each step in the signing process.

Company Certificates

Stores company certificates for signing documents.

Project manager & Att. to the customer

A person specifically dedicated to your project with the support of Att. to the customer.

Custody of documents

We keep signatures and certificates up to date so that they do not expire.

Documents attached to the main document

Sends attachments to the main document as attachments.

Forwarding of docs. and notifications

Forward documents to sign to other users and signature reminders.

Include metadata

It includes metadata of the signatories when creating signature processes.


Send the documents to be validated or approved before signing.

Reversing Signature Processes

Cancel a document when you need it before it is finalized.

Automatic signature

Sign documents on behalf of your company automatically.

Electronic Invoice

Invoice generation

Create invoices through a web form.

File Upload

Import your invoices in XML or CSV format.

Use API platform

Connect Docuten with your company’s systems through SOAP, API Rest, sFTP or AS2.

Invoice in PDF format

Send invoices in PDF format to private customers.

Invoice in XML format

Send your invoices in v formats. 3.1, 3.2 and 3.2.1, as required by the Public Administrations.

Issuing companies

Unlimited NIF/CIF in the same account.

Sending by email

Email your invoices to your customers.

Connection with FACe and PGE

We connect with FACe, e.Fact, Galicia, La Rioja, Castilla-La Mancha, País Vasco and the rest of PGE.

Billing to FACeB2B

Issue and receipt of invoices via FACeB2B

State (Public) Consultations

Confirmation of shipment and query of shipment status for public customers.

Confirmation of receipt

Confirmation of receipt of invoice by private customer.

Periodic billing

Automatic sending of periodic invoices and automatic generation of invoice numbers.

Issuing and query users

Create users with different roles and permissions: query and/or issue.

One user for several CIF/NIF

One user for several CIF/NIF

Delegated Signature

Docuten signs your invoices for you with a company certificate.

Custody of documents

Custody of documents for the management and search of invoices and contracts.

Customer service

Customer service by e-mail and telephone.

Unlimited invoices

Unlimited sending of invoices.

Debits and charges

Signing SEPA mandates

No customer data required. Possibility for the client to provide the data.

CORE and B2B schemes

CORE emits debits and B2B schemes.

Return Notification

Configuration and notification of debit returns.

Exporting Reports

Export reports with information on clients, debts, returns, etc.

Recharge with Card

In case of rejection, offer your clients the option to make the payment by card.

Integration by API and with ERPs

File integration, XML generator and banking data APIs.

Client creation

Enter your tax and contact details, and link it to a bank account.

Charge creation

Make recurring charges automatically or punctual charges manually.

Direct subscription

Share a link for customers to subscribe automatically.

Product creation

Save products indicating amount, periodicity, currency, etc.

Link to products

Links each client to one or more products and indicates start date and registration fee.

API integration and custom platform

Our Enterprise service will allow you to have a platform tailored to your specific needs. 

The platform can be customized with the image of the customer, facilitating the recognition of your brand:

  • Customize the platform with your image.
  • Generate PDFs that include customization with your brand.
  • View your personalized electronic invoices.

In addition to adapting the platform to the image of the organization, customization offers the integration of your company to the system, adapting the functionalities to your needs and requirements.

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