A tailor-made solution to meet the new GDPR

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What is GDPR?

The European Data Protection Regulation is the new regulation that will replace the current regulations in force, the Organic Law on Data Protection, which began to be applied on May 25, 2018.

This new regulation is proposed as a necessary solution at a European level and is complementary to the eIDAS, European Regulation on Electronic Signature.

What companies have to do?

Companies will look for a user-friendly solution that allows:
ico_ser_13 The manifestation of consent is unequivocal, through an affirmative clear act or statement.

ico_ser_13This solution allows you to register the consent of each user so that they can demonstrate who gave the consent, when and how it was granted and what information the person received.

What changes with the new regulation?

With this new regulation, all companies need explicit consent for the personal processing of data for each client. This is how the regulation itself defines explicit consent: “consent is any expression of free, specific, informed and unequivocal will by which the person concerned accepts, either by declaration or clear affirmative action, the processing of personal data.”

Therefore, the regulation requires the interested party to accept the processing of their personal data through a declaration, which can be made by electronic means.

It also changes the sanctioning regime and the number of sanctions. In case of being considered a serious fault, the fine can be up to 10 million euros or 2% of the total turnover of the company and in very serious cases, double the aforementioned quantity.

Docuten, a safe, legal and easy to use solution

tick-02-e1563526687510 SAFE

  • The platform has key encryption and verification of the identity of the signatory through OTP codes.
  • Your biometric signature is backed by a Forensic Tool.

tick-02-e1563526687510 LEGAL

  • We offer solutions that comply with the European Regulation (No 910/2014) of Electronic Signature, eIDAS, as well as other international digital signature regulations.

tick-02-e1563526687510 EASY TO USE

  • With the help of the Docuten support team and their advice, you will be able to obtain the solution most adapted to the specific needs of your company in order to collect the data from your clients.


icono_precios_premium-1-e1554882455692-1 Consent on web forms

Consent on web forms, one of the most employed by companies, will be obtained through a checkbox located on your website or application.

At the precise moment a client accepts the terms, they can prove their authenticity from the script provided by Enxendra, with inherent data such as the IP address, date and time, and the browser used.

Docuten, as a Trusted Third Party figure, is used in web forms mostly, for the acceptance of cookies or general terms with a company.

icono_precios_premium-1-e1554882455692-1 Consent with online signature

Explicit consent for online data collection can be made with OTP codes. This is a one-time validation code or password, sent via SMS or email. Both situations reinforce the acceptance of consent, giving more information about the identity of the user such as mail and/or mobile.

icono_precios_premium-1-e1554882455692-1 Consent with signature in person

In this case, the client signs the document in person with a handwritten signature on a Tablet or Smartphone. This degree of consent not only saves context data but also stores clients biometric data. This method allows you to easily and uniquely identify the user. This is the method most similar to the signature in person on paper but stored electronically.

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Enxendra is a technology and innovation company that creates services that allow the administrative digitalization of companies. All these solutions are made from a usability and cost reduction stand point.

After eight years acquiring experience in the sector, a few months ago we launched our Docuten platform. This platform brings together in the same service digital signature and electronic invoice, responding to two needs under the same umbrella.

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