Digitalise your HR department for more engaged employees

Automate and digitalise your HR processes with Docuten and watch the productivity of your workforce take off. You’ll save time and money and boost operational effectiveness using our digital signature solutions for all types of employee agreements.


Do more with digital signature

 Manage employee documents with ease using digital signature.

Sign remotely

Workers can sign all types of employee agreements from anywhere in a matter of minutes.

Save money

Cut out the printing and shipping costs associated with getting employee documents signed the traditional way.

Goodbye paper

Training resources

We offer numerous manuals, videos and other training resources that help you understand and use our platform with ease.

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As a qualified trust service provider, the different types of digital signature solutions we offer hold full legal validity and comply with eIDAS regulation.

What types of digital signature solutions can your workers use?

Discover our OTP signature

Our signature with OTP (One-Time Password) allows you to sign a document digitally using a single-use, temporary code sent to your email or via SMS.

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What types of signatures can your workers use?

Learn about our biometric signature

Our biometric signature allows you to sign documents on any mobile device (like a tablet or smartphone) in a similar way to a traditional handwritten signature, and it holds full legal validity.

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✅ We also offer qualified electronic signatures OK!

Automatic signature

An automatic signature is instantaneous and doesn’t require the physical presence of the signatory at the time of signing. For example, the HR department can automatically sign a contract on  behalf of the company through a qualified digital certification software that identifies it.

More information

Operating in more than 50 countries worldwide, we already have an extensive international presence thanks, in part, to our digital signature service. Our digital signature is fully compliant with the European eIDAS regulation, which is on par with country legislation outside the European framework. As regulatory standardisation becomes an increasingly prevalent reality, we look forward to expanding into additional markets, and are certain that new business opportunities and promising growth are on the horizon.


The better option

Nortempo has saved over 100,000€ just this year

“Implementing Docuten into our systems has saved us over 100,000€ in this first year of use alone. It has proven to be an optimal solution for management, and has improved the security and efficiency of our company”.


Most common use cases

Get all relevant employee documents signed quickly and easily. Say goodbye to paper and save time and money.

Employment contracts

Occupational health and safety

Contract extensions

Training certifications

Leave / Redundancies

Contract copies

Contract modifications

Form 145

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“Having a qualified trust service provider that validates signatures has given our stakeholders and clients that much more confidence in us.”


Integrating Docuten into your workflow is simple

Our API will easily connect your business software with our digital signature service.

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