HUMAN RESOURCES Better personnel procedures mean more engaged employees

Automate your hiring, firing, and people management processes so that HR can focus on finding talent, not processing paperwork. Human resources electronic document management makes all the difference.

The best option

Digital does the job

Fast-track employee agreements and manage all HR-related processes with ease so that your organisation runs more smoothly.

Save time and money

Cut costs and increase employee productivity. No more paperwork means no more printing, mailing and delivery charges, or tedious admin work for your staff. 

Secure and compliant

Assurance that your transactions are safe (ISO 27001) and legally compliant, including under the eIDAS Regulation.


Do away with time-consuming admin, avoid mistakes and make your human resources electronic document management more agile.


Reduce paper consumption by going digital and help save the planet. 

“We did a demo and it seemed like a very reliable system, and frankly, exactly what we were looking for”. 

Our clients

Grupo Caamaño: Streamlining procedures

Docuten has enabled Grupo Caamaño to save time and money, ensuring that their documents are always signed in a timely manner.


Get all your employee documents signed quickly & easily


Form 145

Contract extensions

Employment contracts

Training certifications

Leave / Redundancies

Contract copies

Occupational health and safety

Contract modifications

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