The Solution for Immediate Provision of Information to the AEAT

Update your systems and comply with the Supply and automation of VAT.

Have technological consulting during the implementation of the solution with your ERP

Do not worry, we transform the exported format of your systems to XML-SII.

Automate the entire VAT communication process with the AEAT and save time and money.

It ensures the dispatching process and the reception status, guaranteeing continuous communication with the Tax Agency

What is SII?

The new system for the Immediate Provision of Information is the new electronic system for the declaration of VAT registration.

It focuses mainly on the obligation to electronically declare the details of invoices issued and received by sending this information to the Tax Agency (AEAT).

This system allows immediate reporting of the operations carried out by companies. With this system, the 340, 347 or 390 models will no longer be required.

The delivery time will be 4 days.

Who is affected by SII?

SII entered into force on July 1, 2017, and will be mandatory for more than 62,000 Spanish companies. In addition, from January 2018, the SII will be effective in the tax agencies of Euskadi y Navarra.

The obligation is for companies that must comply with VAT on a monthly basis, for example:

  • Large companies, with a turnover of more than 6 million euros.
  • Companies registered on the monthly tax return regime (REDEME).
  • Those applying the scheme for entities set out in Chapter IX of Title IX of the VAT Law.
  • And any company will be able, to join voluntarily the use of SII.

How does the SII work?

The company invoicing records and the declaration of other operations shall be carried out electronically and immediately with AEAT. With the SII, companies will send more information to the Tax Agency.

The obligation applies to the following VAT registrations:

  • Invoices issued.
  • Invoices received.
  • Investment assets.
  • Intra-Community operations.
  • Record book of cash amounts.

How does the SII work?

The AEAT has defined a standard XML format for the exchange of information with the SII. The Enxendra platform is automatically connected to the AEAT SII to send this information.

In addition, the AEAT will return the status of the dispatch:

  • Acceptance of the dispatch.
  • Partially accepting the dispatch.
  • Completely rejecting dispatch.

Enxendra’s Solution

To implement the SII, Enxendra is responsible for integrating the ERP or company management system..

The integration is defined at the format and channel level:

  • Format: standard formats of the Enxendra platform (CSV, XML) or specific integration with the company format.
  • Channel: Integration by Web Services (SOAP), Rest API, SFTP, or AS2.

Enxendra’s Solution

Enxendra can send to the SII the information in the XML format defined by the tax agency via the Web Service or any of the integration channels previously defined.

  • It has a technological consulting service for the compliance and adaptation of the solution with your systems.
  • Implement a tested solution; more than 110 clients and 10 million correctly registered dispatches to the Tax Agency.
  • Acting as a third party, Enxendra safeguards the evidence of the shipments made.
  • With a 99.99% SLA, Enxendra guarantees the service for sending information to the AEAT.

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