Minimum and essential data | Debt and mandates

The generation of debt and mandates through a tool such as Besepa requires some necessary data for proper processing.

But, first of all, what exactly do those terms mean?

  • SEPA Mandate: A mandate is an authorization, signed by the debtor that allows the creditor to charge his account. Mandate signing is mandatory in order to be able to charge the client’s account, but this process must be done only once, and can also be digitally signed.

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  • Debit: a direct debit is a charge that is processed in the debtor’s account by the creditor. That is, someone pays for a product or service provided to a company or entity.

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Having understood the concepts, it is necessary to know what data is necessary and required.

There are two clients data necessary and common to both processes:

  1. Clients Name
  2. IBAN of the bank account

In the case of mandates, in addition to the common ones described above, there are two other fields that are mandatory: the date of signature and the reference.

Finally, we recommend that, although they are not strictly obligatory, these two sets data should be filled in:

  1. Type: recurrent (will it be used more than once?) Or only.
  2. Scheme: CORE or B2B (default CORE).

1 10.27.38-01

  • DEBT

In this case it will be necessary to fill in, in addition to the common data, the amount and the description.

We recommend filling in the charge date and reference to your system to facilitate reconciliation.

1 10.27.38-02

When you work with a high volume of recurring receivables, you can lose a lot of time in dealing with incidents, bank mediation , etc. as well as having to deal with the usual unnecessary bureaucracy of banks.

Besepa, Docuten platform, is a technological layer that simplifies the management of companies recurring accounts receivable and the relationship with banks. Not only does it save you time thanks to the automation of accounts receivable, but it also provides you with more information than banks and in a shorter time, which allows you to improve the tedious bank mediation.

In addition, you can digitally sign your mandates through Docuten.

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