Up to 6.000€ in fines if your company does not comply with the SII.

Not issuing your registrations on time to the SII is now charged with monetary penalties of up to 6000€.

On the 30th of December, the Spanish Treasury department approved a new Ministerial Order. Since the beginning of the year, fines have been given to those companies that have not successfully registered their files into the SII system on time.


Regulatory sanctions were included in the Ministerial Order approved last month by the Spanish Tax Agency.

Specifically, these will affect to every company that is not in compliance with the Immediate Supply of Information:

  • Companies under the obligation to comply with the telematic VAT but not registered in the system.
  • Registered companies that have not sent the information yet.
  • Companies that have not sent their registrations on time.
  • Companies that have sent their registers on time but had not corrected and reissued the specifications given by the AEAT.

Monetary penalties represent the equivalent quantity of 0,5% of the total amount. Precisely, fines could go in between 300€ and 6000€ per each trimester for every invoice that has not been presented on time.


Also, you can access to both the Spanish version of the regulation analysis or the original document released by the Spanish Tax Agency here: